Eighty-five pct of Cuban COVID-19 cases have fully recovered so far

 cubanews.acn.cu  05/23/2020 16:00:04  2

2205-CUBACOVID.jpgHAVANA, Cuba, May 22 (ACN) Cuba tested 1,880 samples for COVID-19, resulting in eight positive ones. The country accumulated a total of 90,911 tests and 1,916 positive (2.1%).At the close of May 21, 669 patients were admitted to hospitals for clinical epidemiological surveillance. Another 1,790 people are being monitored in their homes by Primary Health Care.The eight new confirmed cases were Cubans. All were contacts of confirmed cases. The most affected age group was 40-60 years old, with six (75%).Among the eight diagnosed cases, three were women and five men. Fifty percent (4) of the positive cases were asymptomatic and one patient died.

At present, Cuba, with its 81 deaths, has a lethality rate of 4.2, making it 15th out of the 35 countries of the Americas, with an overall estimate of 5.94.

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