Dubai expat jailed for filming workmate in shower to get back Dh500  09/17/2020 11:01:22  2  Marie Nammour /Dubai

Marie Nammour /Dubai

Filed on September 17, 2020 | Last updated on September 17, 2020 at 01.27 pm
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An expat, who filmed his friend while taking a shower to make him pay back a Dh500 loan, has been sentenced to six months in jail by a Dubai court.

The defendant, a 27-year-old Asian working as a private chauffeur, made the inappropriate videos in their accommodation after his workmate did not pay him back Dh500 he had borrowed from him.

The Dubai Court of First Instance ordered that the accused be deported after completing his jail sentence.

The case dates back to July 24 when a complaint was filed at Al Qusais police station.

The complainant, a 23-year-old Asian, said about two months prior to the incident, he needed money and for that he approached the defendant. "He lent me Dh500 but I could not pay him back one month later due to some circumstances. I told him to give me some time. He did not mind it then."

The complainant was shocked when he learned from his brother back home that the accused had sent him two videos showing him in the shower. "I saw those videos and photos which my brother sent to me on WhatsApp. When I confronted the accused about them, he admitted having filmed me and then sending the videos to my brother. He said that he felt upset when I did not return the money I owed him."

He filed a complaint at the police station after informing the accommodation supervisor. "We were both taken to the police station for interrogation and the defendant's mobile phone was seized," the complainant said during the public prosecution investigation.

The defendant told the prosecution investigator that the complainant was his friend. "I had a dispute with him after he failed to repay me Dh500 he had borrowed from me. I stood on a barrel which I placed in the toilet outside the bathroom, where he was and which had no ceiling, to film him while he took shower. I wanted to put pressure on him to give me back my money."

He admitted he filmed his friend with his mobile phone during the police interrogation.

The defendant has the right to appeal the ruling within 15 days.

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