Dr. Dre’s estranged wife, Nicole Young, files bombshell lawsuit against him

 pagesix.com  09/18/2020 19:10:55   Ian Mohr

Whats in a name? Plenty if youre a famous rap mogul.

Dr. Dres estranged wife, Nicole Young, is suing the Beats impresario in California court, claiming that she co-owns the trademark to his name  as well as his landmark album, The Chronic. She further alleges in court papers that Dre secretly transferred the valuable trademarks to a holding company after, she claims, he kicked her out of their home earlier this year.

Youngs being repped in the case by LA power attorney Bryan J. Freedman, whose clients have included Gabrielle Union and Megyn Kelly in their disputes with NBC. In court documents, Nicole’s team alleges that Dre was caught secretly transferring valuable trademarks he owned with his wife … to a newly created asset holding company that he created and controlled after he expelled his wife from their home, and before he threatened to file divorce.

The papers, exclusively obtained by Page Six, allege that Two days after the threat, Nicole had no choice and initiated divorce proceedings. Andres transparent and reprehensible scheme to transfer these assets away, without Nicoles knowledge or consent, so he could retain more for himself in a divorce from his wife of 24 years, and the mother of his three children, is an epic failure and reveals the true nature of his character, or lack thereof.

Page Six previously reported that Dre (born Andre Young) and Nicole are battling over a prenup, and that Nicole has asked for $2 million per month in spousal support after outlining the couples lavish lifestyle in court docs.

She now alleges in the latest suit: After Andre forced Nicole out of their family home on or about April 2, 2020, he quickly plotted to secretly transfer their assets, to deny Nicole her equal share. And that These valuable Trademarks were filed during Andres years married to Nicole, which coincided with Andres years of rising success in the music industry. The Trademarks are presumed to be community property pursuant to California Family Code Section 760. Because they were married, Nicole and Andre owned the Trademarks jointly, from the date of their first filing in 1997, and through 2013, by virtue of being community property owners.

The filing alleges that Andre now purports to own the Trademarks in full.

Dr. Dre and Nicole Young have begun the battle of splitting their assets
Dr. Dre and Nicole YoungGetty Images / Shutterstock (Composite)

Nicoles team wants the trademarks to be put in a trust, and she’s suing for damages and legal fees. She previously also asked a court for $5 million in legal fees to fight her divorce case  indicating it will be an epically costly case.

Meantime, Dre’s lawyers have previously alleged that Young has refused to turn over his belongings from the Malibu home where shes staying  including his golf clubs, a motorcycle, and a registered handgun. She’s fired back in court papers that with his near $1 billion worth, he can afford replacements.

Reps for Dre did not immediately comment. He is being repped in his divorce by celebrity power lawyer Laura Wasser.

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