Download of the day: Pivot Animator  04/14/2017 18:00:02   Cat Ellis

Pivot Animator is a fantastic, fun way to make your own stick-figure animations. Use a ready-made character or create your own using an intuitive toolkit of shapes, lines and joints that can move in different ways, or remain static.

Animations are built up frame by frame, and the use of pivots means there's no need to redraw the figure - just adjust its joints. The process is much like stop-motion animation, and it's great fun!

Why you need it

Because it's brilliant fun. You can export your finished animation in GIF format, ready to share online, or as an AVI file that you can adjust further in any video editing program, applying special effects, adjusting the speed, and even adding background music.

Got something fun in mind, but don't have time to build the figures from scratch? There are lots of characters available to download free from stickman animation site Droidz.

Download here: Pivot Animator

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