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If you have a cat or dog, you know the pain of having pet hair everywhere. It gets on the sofa, on hardwood floors and carpets, and it even shows up in random places, like the dryer or in your favorite pair of shoes. If you don’t stay on top of pet hair cleanup, your home can quickly become a fur-filled disaster.

According to the American Kennel Club, Labrador Retrievers, Newfoundlands, and Pekingese tend to shed more. For cat owners, some of the breeds that tend to shed excessively are American Bobtail cats, American Curl cats, Chartreux cats,  Cymric cats, and Siberians. So, if you own one of those breeds, shedding is probably a huge concern.

So many products claim to eliminate pet hair, but some of these products only pick up a few hairs and leave behind the rest, while others work great for the first few uses and then lose their effectiveness. It’s tough to find products that actually help with the problem over the long term. Of course when you have a pet, you’re never going to have a home that’s 100 percent free of hair because your pet leaves behind more hair as you clean it up.

With all that said, we did find a few products that really help with the pet hair problem. These are our picks for the best pet hair remover products.


Our Pick

ChomChom Pet Hair Roller

Who should buy it: Anyone who wants to easily remove pet hair from their car seats, carpets, the sofa, or other furniture.

Who’s it for: Dog and cat owners who need a tool that actually works to clean up pet hair.

How much will it cost: $25 on Amazon

Why we picked the ChomChom: This roller doesn’t use tape or adhesives, but its ability to remove hair from clothing, furniture, and other soft surfaces is rather impressive. Instead of using adhesion, this roller works kind of like a sweeper vacuum. The material on the roller grabs the hair right up, and then pushes it into a chamber. This is by far the best pet-hair roller tool we tested, and it worked just as well after 30 uses as it did on its first use. When you first use the product, it does take a few minutes to get the hang of it. But once you get the technique down, you’ll want to ChomChom everything in your house.


Best Budget Pet Hair Remover

Fur-Zoff Pet Hair Remover

Who should buy it: Those who want to reduce pet hair on furniture and upholstery without spending too much cash.

Who’s it for: This product will pick up stray hairs on your clothing and furniture, but it’s not ideal for piles of hair. Therefore, this is a good product for those who own one pet, but it’s probably not the best option for those who have an extreme pet hair problem.

How much will it cost: $9 on Amazon

Why we picked the Fur-Zoff Pet Hair Remover: It’s almost impossible to get some of those little hairs off of sofas and carpeting. When you run this “rock” tool across a soft surface, like your sofa, carpeting, or clothing, the hair attaches to it.

The cool thing about this is that it’s very easy, and you don’t have to scrub or use force like you would with a sponge. The downsides? You can’t use it on hardwood, countertops, or other smooth surfaces because it will probably cause damage to them. Also, you have to clean the rock as you go because as it collects hair, it loses its ability to collect more. But, with a price tag of under $10, this is definitely a great tool to have in your pet hair collection.


Best Pet Air Purifier

Winx Pet True Air Purifier With PlasmaWave Technology

Who should buy it: Pet owners who love their furry friend, but their pet makes them congested and stuffy.

Who’s it for: Those who need to reduce pet hair and pet allergens.

How much will it cost: $210 on Amazon

Why we picked the Winx Pet True Air Purifier: If you’re allergic to your pet, a good air purifier is a must. Not all purifiers are created equally, though. While some purifiers are great for smoke or pollen, they may not be so good for pet dander and hair. Using PlasmaWave technology, the Winx purifier gets rid of pollutants on a molecular scale. So, it can help neutralize viruses, eliminate odors, and reduce allergens.

The neat thing about this machine is its ability to lower the amount of pet hair in a home. We saw a noticeable reduction in pet hair on surfaces after running this machine for 24 hours. While this purifier won’t get rid of all of the hair in your home by any means, it does help. Plus, it helps the air feel fresh and clean, even when Fido hasn’t had a bath in a while.


Best pet grooming brush

Kong Zoom Groom Grooming Brush

Who should buy it: Dog and cat owners who want to save money on professional grooming and groom their own pets at home.

Who’s it for: Those who want a pain-free tool that grooms their cat or dog effectively.

How much will it cost: $12 on Amazon

Why we picked the King Zoom Groom Brush: Sometimes it feels like no matter how much you brush your pup, the hair just won’t stop coming off. The Zoom Groom brush is able to free that hair and take it off of your doggy outside instead of having the hair fall off all over your house. Plus, it’s not harsh or uncomfortable for your animal because it’s made of a rubber material that doesn’t poke or scratch. You can use it on your animal during bath time too. The only problem we’ve seen with this product is that dogs tend to try to chew on it, so don’t let your pup get her paws on it.

How we test pet hair products

We examined 14 different pet hair rollers, pet hair removal brushes, grooming brushes, air purifiers, and other pet hair removal products that received some of the highest reviews from customers, veterinarians, and groomers. We then chose seven of the highest reviewed products and tested them ourselves. To determine the “best” of those products, we tested each product for ease of use, quality, longevity, and the product’s ability to reduce pet hair. In a home with one Yellow Labrador, we ran each air purifier for 24 hours, and then we examined the amount of hair on surfaces in the home and in the machine. We waited 24-hours between each trial. For rollers and brushes, we compared each roller’s functionality side-by-side on a microfiber sofa. For grooming brushes, we tested each brush on the same animal, a 3-year-old yellow Labrador Retriever, and waited three days between grooming trials.

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