5G iPhones, Fortnite World Cup, Siri is Listening | Digital Trends

 digitaltrends.com  07/29/2019 19:32:14   Todd Werkhoven

Digital Trends Live

Todd Werkhoven
By Todd Werkhoven

On this episode of Digital Trends Live, DT senior writer Parker Hall joins host Greg Nibler to discuss the biggest trending stories in tech, including rumors of 5G connectivity in upcoming iPhones, the Fortnite World Cup’s $3 million prize, Siri ‘s eavesdropping, Teslas that will stream Netflix and Hulu, asteroid samples, coffee-stirring robots, and more.

Later, Nibler is joined by Dan Clay, partner at Lippincott, to discuss using behavioral science to create digital experiences that align with human behavior and are sensitive to how the users think and feel.

Nibler then sits down with DT News Editor Mathew Katz to discuss the recent $5 billion fine levied against Facebook, and if the impending governmental antitrust investigations will lead to any sweeping changes in big tech.

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