Despite COVID-19 limitations, Memorial Day hasn’t lost its meaning  05/23/2020 04:30:02 

BATAVIA  With the public not allowed to attend Mondays Memorial Day ceremonies, they will be unlike others, but Genesee County residents will at least be able to view them online.

County Veterans Service Agency Director William Joyce said people have asked about being allowed to sit in their vehicles across the street from the 10:30 a.m. ceremony at the Jerome Center where the names of county veterans who passed away since last years Memorial Day will be read.

This year when they called, just as recently as a couple of days ago. We had to inform them Yes, were going to have it, This year, they cant come on to the site, Joyce said. They asked me if they can sit in the parking lot across the street. I said I dont see why not as long as you wear a mask and keep your distance. They wanted to listen to their family members name being read off and paying honors to them.

The Daily News will livestream the ceremonies on and the recording will be available on the newspaper’s website at

Theres a limitation of 10 individuals. Well all be wearing facemasks that were made by the UMMC (United Memorial Medical Center) Guild.

Joyce said he talked to the Batavia Police Department about helping to keep people from coming over to the Jerome Center ceremony. According to Joyce, the department said it would be able to help with that as long as officers arent needed elsewhere.

I strongly encourage (local residents), do not go onto the sites. Let us have the ceremonies to honor the veterans, he said. Hopefully next year it will go back to normal. At least the governor is allowing us to perform the ceremonies with 10 people.

David Dumuhosky, commander of the Glenn S. Loomis Post No. 332 of the American Legion, said these circumstances dont take away from the meaning of Memorial Day.

The meaning is definitely always there. Everything we do as far as this holiday especial is in memoriam to those who have gone before, Dumuhosky said. We want to honor the names were going to be reading. We especially want the families to know that were honoring them. Through the media, they can witness it live, they can watch it later. It doesnt diminish anything as far as the intention of the day with our commitment to it.

Dumuhosky said the Glenn S. Loomis Post No. 332 Auxiliary members were at Grandview Cemetery on Clinton Street Road and Thursday, where they placed flags next to veterans gravesites. On Friday, the American Legion placed flags at Daws Corners Cemetery near Route 98 and Batavia Elba Townline Road in Batavia. The members also placed a wreath.

Today, Dumuhosky said, some American Legion members will meet at 10 a.m. and place flags at Elmwood Cemetery on Harvester Avenue. They all deserve it and its always a shame when somebody gets missed, he said of placing the flags at veterans gravesites. We always try to double back and catch what hasnt been done ahead of time. Ill get together with other commanders in different areas. Its not just my post. Theres like five organizations in the county that are doing this. Well check in with each other Did anybody run out of flags? We used to do this differently, but were only allowed to have 10 people together ahead of time. Weve got to get smaller groups and spread it out over a number of days.

n 7 a.m., Vietnam Veterans Memorial at Genesee County Park, sponsored by the Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 193;

n 8 a.m., Williams Park (Batavia) W.W.I Memorial. This memorial honors the 35 Batavians who gave their lives in WORLD WAR 1;

n 8:30 a.m., Batavia VAMC, at the main flagpole, sponsored by the Western New York VAMC;

n 8:45 a.m., (approximately) at the New York State Veterans Home, at the main flagpole, sponsored by the New York State Veterans Home;

n 9:30 a.m., veterans plot on Harvester Avenue, which honors all war dead of all wars in Elmwood and St. Josephs Cemeteries;

n 10 a.m., Upton Monument, which honors the dead of the Civil War, and all wars since; and

n 10:30 a.m., UMMC Jerome Center, the site of the Genesee County War Memorial, honoring all war dead from Genesee County. The names of county veterans who have died since the previous Memorial Day will be read and a flag placed to honor each of them.

In Orleans County, an honor guard from the American Legion and the VFW will be going to each of the monuments in Albion and Medina, where they will conduct a 21-gun salute.

In Medina, the ceremony will end in front of the cannon at State Street Park where a list of names of veterans who died this past year will be read.

n WARSAW  The Hunt-Stout Memorial Post will mark its 100th Memorial Day service on Monday.

Members will gather 10 a.m. at the monument on Main Street. Theyll travel by vehicle  no parade  to the veterans memorial at Warsaw Cemetery to fire rifles, and then across the street to honor Walter Klein and the Warsaw Fire Department.

n PERRY  The Village of Perry has canceled this years annual parade. Individual events will be conducted at cemeteries but none are set as public events.

n PIKE  Hunt-Stout American Legion Post has canceled its annual service and barbecue.

n SILVER SPRINGS  Bates Courtney Post No. 105 of the American Legion has also canceled its annual commemoration. People are encouraged to visit the graves of veterans and other family members.

Memorial Day events have been canceled in Caledonia, Leicester, Mount Morris, York, Portage, Nunda and Groveland.

One of the few events happening this weekend will be at Stokoe Farms which is located at 656 South Road, Scottsville.

It will be a farmside takeout. The goal is to boost peoples spirits due to the lack of memorial day parades.

Served up will be pulled pork sandwich smothered in Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce, with crispy onion straws and served on a craft bun. Also on the menu is a crunchy cole slaw and salt potatoes. There will also be an 8-ounce serving of mac n cheese, with a side of apple sauce. All meals are served with a bottle of water.

The event will be from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. today.

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