This Dad Pranked His Kid With a Fake Letter After She Cheated at 'Mario Kart'  3/13/2018 2:47:51 PM   Blake Harper

Mar 13 2018, 9:51 AM



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Nobody likes playing games with a cheater. So when one dad in Alabama found out his 13-year-old daughter cheated during their game of Mario Kart, he decided she needed to be taught a lesson. Rather than keep it simple, though, he cooked up an elaborate and hilarious prank that she will never forget.

For several years now, Vivian has been working on her art portfolio in hopes of attending Booker T. Washington High School, a magnet school for the arts in Montgomery, Alabama. Despite having a good shot at getting in, when a clearly nervous Vivian finally received a letter from the school she learned that she had been rejected. Understandably, the teenager was upset. Also, understandably, she didn’t read past the first few soul-crushing sentences. Her dad, however, was filming the entire event and asked her to read the entire letter aloud. It didn’t take long for Vivian to realize she’d been punked by her old man.

“We regret that we cannot offer a position at our school to anyone who would unpause a game of Mario Kart while her opponent was out of the room,” The letter, which was printed on official school stationery, read. “You are free to reapply in the future once you learn to behave like a decent human being.”

As Vivian read the full faux-rejection, she burst out laughing at the lengths her dad would go just to remind her of the time she cheated to win a Mario Kart race. He then handed her the real letter from Booker T. Washington High and Vivian quickly discovered that she had actually gotten into the school.

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“I’m proud of you,” her dad says as Vivian and the rest of the family were screaming in disbelief.

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