Curt Schilling Delusional Enough To Think He Could Be A Baseball Manager, According To His "Friends"  10/11/2019 18:52:00 
Photo: Jennifer Stewart (Getty Images)

This little Bob Nightengale scoop starts on shaky ground by assuming there are people in existence who can tolerate Curt Schilling enough to be considered his friends, but it has a great punchline:

Yes, according to these friends, Schilling would love to be considered for the pitching coach gig for a team that made sure to lose his invite to a pregame ceremony for the franchises most recognizable squad. Do you know how many facts Schilling has to ignore to believe this to be possible? Its fantastic. Whats better is that its true, according to the meme lord himself:

Within an hour of confirming his interest in returning to baseball, Curt was arguing with people about how he is not an asshole:

Heres hoping he gets an interview! That is, if he can figure out how to make sure the job doesnt interfere with his future political career.

Samer Kalaf

Managing Editor

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