Crocs donating its shoes to healthcare workers  03/26/2020 13:04:05 

"Over the past week, we have spoken to healthcare workers, their facilities and even their family and friends, and they have specifically asked for our shoes in an effort to provide ease on their feet, as well as ease of mind as they need the ability to easily clean up before they go home to their families," said Crocs CEO Andrew Rees.

Crocs (CROX) are made out of a rubber-like molded polymer resin. They are waterproof and can be easily washed off, which is an advantage as people take special precautions because of the spread of the coronavirus.
Crocs said it is delivering some shipments straight to hospitals and other facilities, but that it is allowing workers to sign up for the free shoes by going to It said it will continue to donate the shoes as long as supplies last.

"The duration of our giveaway will depend on our level of inventory and the amount of requests we receive," said Rees. "These workers have our deepest respect, and we are humbled to be able to answer their call and provide whatever we can to help during this unprecedented time."

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