Covid-19: Cyclist Gaviria thanks UAE medical staff after recovery  03/27/2020 10:23:04  3  PTI


Filed on March 27, 2020
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Colombian sprinter Fernando Gaviria said he had recovered from coronavirus.The 25-year-old of Team UAE Emirates contracted the disease during last month's Emirates Tour that was canceled on February 27 after several riders caught the virus."The last tests I took came back negative and the doctors have discharged me from hospital," Gaviria wrote on Instagram on Thursday.

Following days of rumors amidst a social media silence, Gaviria had admitted on March 12 he was one of the cyclists to have caught the virus.

He remained in the United Arab Emirates, where his team is based, under constant medical attention, during which time he insisted he felt healthy.

The ace cyclist also thanked the UAE health sector workers for their incredible effort.

"Thanks to all the health team who have taken care of me in the United Arab Emirates for their excellent work and dedication, and to all those who have supported me during this period of recovery," Gaviria wrote on Instagram.

"I am focusing on returning home and meeting with my people. I hope the situation becomes normal again, so I can soon return home."

However, Colombia is under total lockdown until April 13 due to the pandemic.It has closed its borders and banned commercial flights from arriving.

Colombia has recorded almost 500 coronavirus cases and six deaths.

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