Courteney Cox says that shes re-watching Friends during self-quarantine  03/26/2020 13:13:26 

Actor Courteney Cox says she is revisiting her iconic sitcom series Friends during her self-quarantine period.

The 55-year-old actor, who played Monica across the hit NBC sitcoms ten-season run, told Jimmy Kimmel that she is trying to relive all the wonderful experiences she had during the making of the series.

I keep getting asked all these questions about Friends. But I dont remember even being on the show. I have such a bad memory. I dont even remember even being on the show. I have such a bad memory. I remember loving obviously everybody there, and having fun, and I remember certain times in my life that I was there. But I dont remember episodes. I would never pass. I fail every test, Cox said during Kimmels Quarantine Minilogue series on YouTube.

Friends, which aired from 1994 to 2004, was a phenomenon and later went on to find cult status with new audiences through TV reruns and Netflix.

The show also featured Jennifer Aniston as Rachel, Lisa Kudrow as Phoebe, Matt LeBlanc as Joey, Matthew Perry as Chandler and David Schwimmer as Ross.

During her chat with Kimmel, Cox also talked about the much-anticipated Friends reunion special, set up at HBO Max. The production of the special was recently suspended in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

We were supposed to do it Monday and Tuesday of this week... We did speak with the producer one time and we had a meeting except for David Schwimmer, he was in New York so we were all in the same room which was really fun, the actor said.

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