April 9 coronavirus news - CNN

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Former Los Angeles Laker player and NBA Hall of Fame point guard Magic Johnson joined CNN's coronavirus town hall to talk about his experience living through two major outbreaks -- the HIV epidemic and now this pandemic.

On racial inequality during a pandemic:

"When you think about African-Americans, we deal with a lot of healthissues already. And then the lack of access tohealth care, that's just anunbeatable combination, and sowe must get better," he said.

Change must begin at a local level, then at a state level, then at the federal level, he said.

"Until someone says, hey,we're going to make sure thatAfrican-Americans and Latinosand others have a level playingfield, that the sameopportunities that others have ... Until those things change, (minorities) arestill going to have a lack ofhealth care."

On the parallels between this pandemic and the HIV/AIDS epidemic:

Johnson announced in 1991 both his retirement from the NBA -- and his HIV-positive status. "I think right now issimilar to what happened withHIV and AIDS," he said.

Some of those parallels include a lack of testing in black and minority communities, and a lack of accurate information within underprivileged areas, he said.


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