Cooper candidate unleashes racist rant on African men  05/18/2019 00:33:45 

An Independent candidate in the federal seat of Cooper, Teresa van Lieshout, has been filmed berating two Nigerian men with racial abuse on in Melbourne's north.

On Wednesday evening, Rikefe Ohwofi was on his way to dinner with a friend in Northcote when they were confronted by Ms Lieshout on High Street.

"I was looking down at my feet and she sort of barged through me. So I turned around to look at her and was like, 'What are you doing, are you serious?' and she was like, 'Get out of my way, get out of my country'," Mr Ohwofi told NITV News.

"She started hurling a barrage of insults at us about 'people like you have been sent here to murder me, you're trying to kill us in our own country' and I was like what are you talking about?"

Mr Ohwofi said he and his friend began filming because they were afraid of what the outcome of the dispute would be.

"Two big black guys in High Street having a verbal dispute with a woman, I didn't know what that would look like so I pulled out my phone because there's a lot of crazy stuff happening to people of colour," he said.

In the videos obtained by NITV News, Ms van Lieshout, who is of Caucasian decent, alleges that the Liberal and Labor parties are "murdering" her people.

"Are you a Christian? Because I'm an Australian-born teacher and I'm in the federal election. You have to respect me, because I was born here and I'm a teacher. What country are you from? I don't go to your country and destroy your rights, what do you say about that?"Ms Lieshout asks the men.

"You're here to vote for Liberal or Labor so we can be murdered. Foreigners are brought here for votes so that Australian-born citizens can be murdered.

"I'm going to go to your country and destroy all your people's rights and make you all unemployed,and homeless and drugged. How would you like that? That's what those politicians are doing to my people."

It continues until a woman steps in to defend the pair, and she can be heard calling Ms van Lieshout a racist.

"We're being murdered lady. The same politicians killed the Aboriginal people, they killed the Aboriginal people. I'm in the federal election," Ms van Lieshout is seen screaming back.

NITV News reached out to Ms van Lieshout for comment, but did not receive a response.

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