Conor McGregor Caught On CCTV Allegedly Punching Old Man Who Refused His Whiskey  08/16/2019 00:48:04 

Conor McGregoris in hot water once again, this time over the emergence of CCTV footage which shows him allegedly punching an old man in the face at a pub in Ireland.

The incident occurred on April 6th at the Marble Arch Pub in Dublin, but footage has only surfaced overnight.

The CCTV footage quite clearly shows McGregor standing at the bar with patrons who were seated, before he quite suddenly  and allegedly, we stress at this stage of proceedings  unfurls a left jab at an older man, striking him in the face before being whisked away by minders. The old man, to his credit, barely flinches.

Footage has emerged of an incident on April 6th that allegedly shows @TheNotoriousMMA throwing a punch at an elderly man over a whiskey dispute& ????????

Probably the only fight we will see him in this year& ????

???? @TMZ

 MMA Latest (@MMALatestNws) August 15, 2019

According to TMZ, the incident was sparked after McGregor marched into the bar, demanded the bartender line up glasses, and attempted to buy everyone a round of Proper Twelve whiskey, the whiskey brand that McGregor himself owns.

The alleged victim is said to have refused the drink twice, despite McGregors insistence, which resulted in the altercation. The details of the words exchanged between the two are not known.

UFC presidentDana Whitehas apparently been aware of the incident since it happened, and made the frankly genius suggestion that maybe Conor McGregor needs to calm the fuck down.

Youre talking about a pub in Ireland. Know how many guys get punched in the face every day in a pub in Ireland? Yeah, a lot.

But, this is a high-profile guy. The bottom line is when youre not a regular guy, youre a high-profile guy, and youre a professional fighter, you cant do it. That you cant do.

When youre Conor McGregor, you cant do it.

Stop punching ordinary people is a fairly radical suggestion, youve gotta hand it to him.

Police in Ireland are reportedly investigating the incident, but no charges or arrests have been made at this time.

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