Confirmed: FIFA 20 'Volta' indoor five-a-side football and street mode coming  06/08/2019 14:55:00   Gerald Lynch

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And it's confirmed! FIFA 20 is getting a street football mode called Volta Football. A fully-featured, less serious 'jumpers for goalposts' mode, it'll offer up  3v3 Rush (no goalkeepers), 4v4, 4v4 Rush, 5v5 and Professional Futsal play types.

Arenas with and without walls from across the world will be included, with customisable player avatars, a story mode, online leagues and more. It'll only be available in the PS5, Xbox One and PC versions of the game though, skipping out on the Nintendo Switch, PS3 and Xbox 360 versions.

Here's the trailer:

The original story follows below...

We're just hours away from the EA Play live-stream at E3 2019 kicking off, where we're expecting to get all the official details on FIFA 20. But has one of its biggest, most-wanted features already been teased?

Yes football fans, FIFA 20 could be getting a five-a-side indoor football mode.

The rumor comes from the below teaser trailer shared by EA, which we've embedded below:

8.6.19 #FIFA20 #EAPLAY 👀 June 2019

It features a 'V' symbol, which many fans online believe refers to The Vault, a new mode that will include indoor five-a-side football modes. The trailer also includes an outline image which seems to represent a five-a-side pitch, as well as the previous tagline "the stadium is anywhere". An eagle-eyed drone also saw that EA has built a five-a-side pitch where it is broadcasting its EA Play event.

FIFA back on the streets?

FIFA Street was the last time we had a full game about street and indoor football, which came out back in 2012, but we haven't seen it included as a mode for a mainline title since FIFA: Road to World Cup 98 back on the PlayStation and Nintendo 64.

There was a tease of what could be achieved by a current-gen mini-match and indoor set up back in FIFA 19 however, where its The Journey Story mode saw star player Alex Hunter compete in a three-a-side match in Venice Beach, California. Could we see multiple different pitch surface types, and the different ball physics that would be associated with that?

If you're wondering what it used to look like, check it out in action back in the glory days of FIFA: Road to World Cup 98, the same year when you could turn off the referee, and it had a dirty tackle button. It was like playing football in Mad Max's Thunderdome...

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