CNN host Brooke Baldwin confirmed that Fox Sports Radio's Clay Travis will never appear on her show again, after he expressed on live television his affinity for "boobs" on her show, and threw a subtle jab at a competing cable news network in the process.

"As for my guest today – despite what he's tweeting, he won't be coming back on my show – ever. He works at Fox Sports Radio," Baldwin said in an op-ed on CNN. "Maybe he should learn from folks over at Fox News – being demeaning to women does have consequences."

Fox News has dealt with a number scandals in recent years related to allegations of inappropriate behavior, leading to the ouster of hosts Eric Bolling and Bill O'Reilly and the late Roger Ailes, who was the network's CEO.

Travis appeared on Baldwin's show Friday to discuss ESPN host Jemele Hill's inflammatory comments about President Trump, when he said he believed the network lacks conservative voices.

"I'm a First Amendment absolutist. I believe in two things completely: the First Amendment and boobs," Travis said.

Baldwin was taken aback and asked Travis to clarify that he did mean "boobs." When he did, she shut the interview down quickly.

"That was... I just... it was one of those thought bubbles "did he actually say that on MY SHOW?!" Note to men – that is never okay. #smh," Baldwin tweeted directly after the interactions.

Travis then tweeted that CNN was "so offended" by his remarks, that they requested him to come back Monday.