Apple's iPad Pro and Andy's Red Dead 2 weekend (CNET UK Podcast 547 show notes)  11/10/2018 06:00:48  3  Andrew Hoyle
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Apple's new iPad Pro is here and it comes with a big price tag. But that doesn't seem to have put off Andy, who is still unwaveringly excited about using Adobe Photoshop on the iPad. Rich isn't so sure.

Also up for discussion on the UK's best tech podcast is Samsung's upcoming flexible phone, which the company showed off at its developer conference this week. Will this be the next Galaxy S10? We'll have a while to wait before finding out.

Andy also explains how he tackled the new Read Dead Redemption 2 in the best way possible -- by playing it relentlessly over a long weekend, aided by a slow-cooked beef stew.

Finally, Rich has been chatting to notable writer Michael Chabon about his role in the upcoming Star Trek episodes

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