CES 2019 Liveblog: The Gadget Future Is Here

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You've made it to the fourth and final day of our CES 2019 liveblog. By now we've toured most of the expo halls, seen most of the demos, and touched most of the gadgets. But there's still more show! Follow along to see reports from Thursday at CES in Las Vegas, Nevada, with the newest updates appearing at the top.

Bring the Heat

Amy Lombard

Boiling water for tea or coffee is a multi-minute task that many of us do several times a day, and Heatworks claims it has a solution. It’s showing off a prototype (currently nonworking) of the Duo, a battery-powered water carafe that instantly heats water as it pours through the spout. It uses the company’s Ohmic Array tech to heat water much quicker, and without a traditional heating element. Heatworks claims it will take about 20 to 30 seconds to pour an 8-ounce glass of water, and you can set the temperature to whatever you want, within a degree. It doesn’t have a precise release date, but the company claims it will cost between $100 to $150.—Jeffrey Van Camp

Do You Hear Voices?

HyperX make some of the best gaming headsets around, but its new Cloud Orbit S may be my new favorite. They come with head tracking tech. During a round of Call of Duty, I could hear voices and sounds move from left to right if I turned my head around, giving me better spacial orientation to the screen. The Orbit S are hi-res certified and come with 100mm Audeze Mobius planar magnetic drivers, which also gave them a liveliness not shared by a ton of headsets. Other perks include an extra long USB cord (PC and PS4 supported) and earcups that twist to rest comfortably your shoulders. It will come to store shelves in the United States later this year for $330.—Jeffrey Van Camp

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