Celebrities who were cheerleaders

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Since "Cheer" debuted on Netflix, the world is suddenly full of school spirit. This includes Chrissy Teigen, who wrote on Instagram, "watching cheer on Netflix got me reminiscing about how i sucked at cheerleading almost as much as I sucked at doing my brows. Truly no idea how I made this team. The best part is they claimed there was no JV/varsity but one squad got to cheer for basketball and football and the other (mine) got volleyball and wrestling. I still remember my mat cheers though. Go fight win baby. Go fight win." But she's far from the first celeb who rocked a pom-pom.


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Cameron Diaz flashed her famous smile on the field at Long Beach Polytechnic High School in Long Beach, California.

Long Beach Polytechnic High School

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Sally Field was a high-flying cheerleader at Birmingham High School in Van Nuys, California.

Birmingham High School

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Paula Abdul's pom-poms went straight up to get those cold-hearted snakes fired up on the field. She cheered at Van Nuys High School in California.

Van Nuys High School

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Steve Martin perfected his pep as a cheerleader in Garden Grove, California.

Garden Grove High School

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Madonna was inspired by cheerleaders for her Superbowl performance back in 2012, and it's no wonder. She cheered in Rochester, Michigan at Adams High School.

Adams High School

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Katie Couric is famously perky, just right for her time as a cheerleader at Yorktown High School in Arlington, Virginia.

Yorktown High School

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Before the glamour of Hollywood, Meryl Streep was cheering at Bernards High School in Bernardsville, New Jersey.

Bernards High School

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Kathy Griffin definitely had the vocal power to cheer at Oak Park and River Forest High School in Oak Park, Illinois.

Oak Park and River Forest High School

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Diane Sawyer was both a pageant queen and a cheerleader back in Seneca High School in Louisville, Kentucky.

Seneca High School

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Megan Fox blends in seamlessly as a cheerleader for her home team, the Eagles.

Yearbook Library

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Sandra Bullock showed her spirit at Washington-Lee High School in Arlington, Virginia.

Washington-Lee High School

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Kelly Ripa has been keeping crowd energy up since her cheer days at Eastern Regional High School in Voorhees Township, New Jersey.

Eastern Regional High School

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Daytime TV may want to start recruiting from the cheerleading squad, as Kathie Lee Gifford is the 4th morning news anchor featured on this list. She cheered at Bowie High School in Bowie, Maryland.

Bowie High School

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