Celebrities react to Florida school shooting

 foxnews.com  2/15/2018 3:25:00 AM 

More than a dozen people were killed Wednesday in a deadly shooting at a high school in Parkland, Florida, officials said.

Alleged gunman Nikolas Cruz brought an AR-15 rifle and “countless magazines” into Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, according to Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel. Cruz was also wearing a gas mask and may have had smokes bombs with him during the rampage, Sen. Bill Nelson told Fox News.


The 19-year-old suspect was later located off school grounds and taken into police custody “without incident,” Israel said.

Police said the shooter was in custody.  (WSVN)

Several celebrities have responded to the incident.

Comedian and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres said on Twitter that the incident was part of an "epidemic of school shootings and said her "heart is with the students and parents" of the Florida high school.

British journalist Piers Morgan, who actively tweeted about the incident throughout the day, described it as "horrific."

"Another horiffic school shooting in America. Yet more young lives destroyed," he wrote. "Why is nothing EVER done to even TRY to stop it?"

He later added how he called on the U.S. to ban AR-15 rifles and "high-capacity bullet magazines" following the deadly Sandy Hook shooting in 2012.

— Piers Morgan (@piersmorgan) February 14, 2018

Kim Kardashian West tweeted that "prayers" were not enough to "protect Americans from senseless gun violence."

Acress Amber Tamblyn criticized those who "are not willing to re-examine and renegotiate" the country's "relationship to guns and violence."

"This is the 5th school shooting this year and it's only February," she wrote. "Grow a spine, America."

Pop icon Britney Spears called the news "tragic" on Twitter and said she was "keeping the victims and their families in my thoughts"

Actors Patton Oswalt and Jenna Fischer both tweeted in direct response to a person who was allegedly at the school and shared pictures as they hid beneath desks and chairs.

Both expressed their condolences for what the individual was going through and Patton added, "This shouldn't be part of your high school experience."

Former professional boxer Mike Tyson said the shooting was "sad" and offered "prayers to the families."

Local professional sports teams also took part in the conversation. 

NBA team, the Miami Heat, said "This tragedy does not hit close to home. This happened in our home."

And the Miami Dolphins of the NFL offered their "thoughts and prayers" for "those affected."

Tim Cook, the chief executive officer of Apple, called for an end to the "senseless violence that has taken so many innocent lives."

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