CASETiFY’s ‘Pok�mon’ Phone Cases and Watch Bands Are for 90s Gen I Purists Only  08/02/2020 11:23:45  21
Pokemon-branded phone cases and watch bands

Trendy licensed iPhone case maker CASETiFY’s latest collaboration is with The Pokmon Company. But this isn’t your usual licensed gear, made to promote the latest movie, TV show, motion comic, or reverse mortgage scheme. Oh no, this line is going all the way back to the beginning, restricting its subjects to the original 151 Pokmon from Red and Blue.

More than simply restricting their roster choices, CASETiFY is making these iPhone cases, AirPods cases, Apple Watch bands, and (I think?) cable ties with the design sensibilities of the 90s. And the early Pokmon brand’s odd fascination with the creature catalog numbers is faithfully preserved. Slap any of these designs on a pencil box or a cardboard file folder, and I’d swear I was back in middle school.

Right now these splashy designs are still pending, with “priority access” available if you join a wait list. Prices aren’t mentioned on CASETiFY’s promotional page, but their existing cases generally cost about $45-50. CASETiFY also sells cases for iPads and a few Galaxy phones as well as some bags and stick-on wallets, but those aren’t confirmed on the page, either.

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