Cancellations and health warnings as Melbourne wakes to thick smoke haze  01/13/2020 20:09:16 

Melbourne has woken to hazardous levels of thick smoke that has caused health issues and could stall the start of an iconic sporting event.

The air quality index rates the air pollution in the suburb of Brighton as 655; that’s compared to 380 for Delhi, 55 in Canberra and 159 in Shouguang, the Chinese city often considered to have the worst air pollution in the world.

Melbourne’s CBD bars Nine News reporter Christine Ahern revealed the MFB has responded to 178 false alarm reports overnight.

Fog horns have woken residents in Yarraville and Spotswood as ships try to make their way through the heavy haze the 3AW Rumour File was told the Kooyong Classic will leave a decision on a delaying the start of the tennis tournament up to players.

NOW | Kooyong Classic tournament director Peter Johnston tells us “it’s monitoring situation” as to whether the tournament kicks off as scheduled today amid this smoke.

Play not scheduled to start until 1pm so a call will be made as late as possible.

 3AW Breakfast (@RossAndJohn) January 13, 2020

Horse racing scheduled for Werribee has been cancelled.

3AW has heard several reports of people battling with dry coughs and chest issues overnight and this morning.

Melbourne’s city baths have been closed for the morning and redevelopment works at Melbourne Airport have been cancelled.

Our boss just sent us this photo.

His car thinks theres deep fog!

Latest on the smoke:

 3AW Breakfast (@RossAndJohn) January 13, 2020

The EPA warned of hazardous air quality in Melbourne overnight, before upgrading it to very poor later this morning.

However, various suburbs are still expected to see hazardous conditions. Health authorities have urged those with asthma and other respiratory issues to take precautions.

As indication of how thick the smoke is, 3AW sports reporter Jordan Tunbridge told Ross and John that an air purifier in his bedroom rated the air quality as a 999  despite the fact the legend on his machine says ‘extremely poor’, the worst score, is 151-250.

Click PLAY to hear Jordan explain

Photos: Eerie ‘red orb’ starts another smoky day in Melbourne

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