By order of Mia Khalifa: Ex-pornstar backs Peaky Blinders star for PM... but of which country?  09/19/2019 15:49:00 

Published time: 19 Sep, 2019 15:49 Edited time: 19 Sep, 2019 15:52

By order of Mia Khalifa: Ex-pornstar backs Peaky Blinders star for PM... but of which country?

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Former porn star Mia Khalifa is clearly a massive fan of British television series Peaky Blinders, so much so, in fact, that she believes star Cillian Murphy should be the Prime Minister, but of which country?

“By order of the Peaky Blinders, Cillian Murphy for Prime Minister,” Lebananese-American Khalifa wrote in an Instagram story.

Khalifa didn’t actually state which country she’d like to see Blinders star Cillian Murphy lead, but she did tag the post location as Heathrow Airport, London, UK, despite the fact that Murphy is Irish.

She may not necessarily have wished for Murphy to overthrow Boris Johnson and take control of Brexit, but neither did she expressly state she wants him to take over from Taoiseach (Irish PM) Leo Varadkar, who himself has the unenviable task of dealing with BoJo’s Brexit shenanigans.

Perhaps invoking some of Blinders’ character Thomas Shelby’s ‘street smarts’ would get the stalled Brexit negotiations back into gear, proving Khalifa could move into a career in political strategy, having already conquered the domains of adult film making, bookkeeping, Twitch streaming, sports commentary and social media influencing, among others.

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