Burning Man festival site can be seen from space (PHOTO)

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Published time: 31 Aug, 2019 11:03

Burning Man festival site can be seen from space (PHOTO)

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Burning Mans impressive temporary festival site in Nevada can be seen all the way from space, extraordinary satellite imagery reveals.

The massive tent city in the Black Rock Desert in northwestern Nevada showed up in satellite images as it was being set up last week, before tens of thousands of attendees arrived for Sunday’s opening of the event. Burning Man is known for its art installations, music, costumes and performances. 

The images were shared by Maxar Technologies and captured by WorldView satellites. They show the horse-shoe shaped site known as Black Rock City being built from nothing as it fills with structures, cars and even airplanes. Roads leading to the site already had vehicles making their way to the massive, temporary, self-sufficient city built by its own participants. 

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Named after the large wooden man effigy that is burned at the climax of the event, the festival promotes self-expression, self-reliance, communal living and decommodification and runs until September 3. All ‘Burners’ must leave no trace when they leave.

The annual event began in 1986 on a beach in San Francisco and has since evolved into a massive spectacle. Last year, 70,000 people attended. 

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