Bruins honor John Havlicek with moment of applause  04/28/2019 01:05:08   Chad Finn

The Bruins paid homage to Celtics legend John Havlicek Saturday night in a manner befitting the man.

It was all class.

Before Game 2 of their Stanley Cup playoff series with the Columbus Blue Jackets, the Bruins requested a moment not of silence but applause for Havlicek, who died Thursday at age 79.

A moment of celebration pregame for @celtics legend John Havlicek.

 Boston Bruins (@NHLBruins) April 28, 2019

A video tribute followed the cheers. It included the clip and Johnny Mosts famous call of his series-clinching steal in Game 7 of the 1965 Eastern Conference Finals against the Sixers, several highlights featuring his picturesque shot (with a couple of bank shots mixed in), and a soundbite of Red Auerbach saying that if he had a son, hed want him to be just like Havlicek.

The tribute video to John Havlicek ahead of Game 2.

 Conor Ryan (@ConorRyan_93) April 28, 2019

The video concluded with scenes from the final game of his Hall of Fame 16-year career on April 9, 1978, including the final words as he addressed the crowd that day:

You have given us what every team really wants to have: enthusiasm, dedication, and you helped us win many championships. What more can I say? Thank you, Boston. I love you.

Well done, Bruins.

God love the Bruins. I am teared up at what the Bruins just did for John Havlicek.

 Bob Ryan (@GlobeBobRyan) April 28, 2019


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