Brightly burning meteor lights the sky BLUE as it streaks across the heavens (VIDEOS)  02/27/2020 09:48:11 

27 Feb, 2020 09:48

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Early risers in Arizona were treated to some celestial fireworks earlier this week when a suspected meteor lit up the entire sky, and in spectacular fashion, giving a brief, blue hue to the morning.

The American Meteor Society received multiple reports of sightings from across the state around 5:30am local time on Wednesday. Eyewitness footage, from doorbells, dashcams and everything in between, shows this meteor went out with a bang!

But the sightings weren’t restricted to Arizona, however. “This does appear to be a bright meteor as observations are spread out from southern California, southern Utah, and Arizona,” Robert Lunsford of the American Meteor Society said.

The skies above Arizona have been particularly active recently; at least two other suspected meteors were spotted in February alone. But it’s not immediately known why there is a sudden spike in extraterrestrial visitors.

“This is the best time of the month to view meteor activity as the moon will not be a factor at all,” the society said in its Meteor Activity Outlook for the week.

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