Boo! Conjure Up Fun Today With Part One Of The Luigi's Mansion 3 Multiplayer DLC  03/04/2020 02:00:00   Liam Doolan Wed


I play the original every October. I still enjoying Luigi's Mansion 3 enough to continue playing it every few days.

they definitely need to add new costumes in story mode for Luigi to wear; at least when you play the game a second time around. Luigi needs to be groovy on the dance floor, be a pirate, and a knight. he needs to be able to direct his own movie or at least be able to finish the first one for if you vacuum up the director before he ends up putting the film together.

Nintendo, said that we would be able to watch watch and re-watch the final boss floor on the movie set as much as we want but somehow the movie never got spliced together for viewing. besides other scenes that Luigi and Gooigi have stared in should be watchable as well. that would be a nice bonus for nintendo to add.

it would also be nice to have additional extras for story mode, like the ability to play it through as peach, Mario, Wario, Toad, or Waluigi. each of the characters having their own strengths and weaknesses.

for example, Wario finds a lot more gold than the other, however he can't move as fast as the others. toad can run much faster than the others, however at times he tends to be dragged around by the ghosts that he is trying to capture.

Peach at times may be weaker, however her health restores itself on its own at a slow pace. Waluigi, can sneak around without be noticed by ghosts that he is trying to track down; like those troublesome boos we need to capture.

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