Bobby Simha on playing the antagonist in Ravi Teja's 'Disco Raja' and not being a regular 'villain'  01/21/2020 11:09:23 

Bobby Simha is very candid in his attitude and is not afraid to speak his mind. This week his film Disco Raja will be releasing and he is playing an antagonist. This isnt his Telugu debut though, earlier his film Run (Neram, in Tamil) and a little known Yedhaina Jaragocchu came out last year. But this will be his first straight big film in Telugu.

Ask him about the gap post Yedhaina Jaragocchu, and he says, I got many offers after that, but didn't want to play regular villain roles. Why should I be doing what everyone can do? This is the ideal time to look out for strong scripts in Telugu. There is so much content-driven stuff coming up but I wasnt happy with my roles. So I stayed away. Luckily I got this offer from director Vi Anand, he narrated story that was backed by good content.

Most actors, if they are not well established in the industry, are being taken to play cameos, villains and character roles in star films without getting their due. Bobby Simha is aware of it and says he isnt too particular about being a hero or a villain. He stresses, Who leads the scripts, who disturbs the scripts or drives it is important. There is nothing such as negative or positive, if people like a performance they will flock to see it. We might choose the right story and role but while executing it, something goes missing and we have no control over that. Disco Raja is a commercial content-oriented film. The director is known for his concept films but he is brilliant in balancing all aspects. Ravi Teja is obviously entertaining and I play a gangster in the movie. There is BGM running for every actor, so it depends on how each character handles the situation musically in Disco Raja.

Adds Bobby, I did ask Vi Anand in Chennai as to why he chose me. He said the team felt I would do a far better job.

Named Jaisimha Bobby, Bobby  as his friends address him  was born in Moulali but his family moved to Kodaikanal in 1995. He moved to Chennai and for three years he worked in theatre and short films, which helped him improve his Tamil. He got his big break in Tamil after a lot of struggle. Bobby had completed around 25 films in seven years and keeps upgrading his work with constant feedback from friends. He keeps reinventing himself. The tone of the people changes with every debacle which is why he trusts cinema and not cinema people, he says.

Bobby is also working on a web series in Tamil and says it is a good platform for actors. He points out, OTT platoform lets us enjoy more than six to eight hours. There is no censoring and even after ten years you can revisit it. It is like a library.

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