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 dailyresearchnews.com  11/30/2019 07:27:07 

Boeing does not rule out reducing or temporarily halting production of the 737 MAX if the aircraft’s return to service forecasts are revised, the company’s chief executive Dennis Muilenburg said on Wednesday. Boeing cut production of its top-selling passenger jet by 20% in April from 52 to 42 units, weeks after authorities around the world […]

Distributor Koch Media, which owns the rights to Saints Row Games, has announced that the next game in the beloved series will be officially announced in 2020. Already in August, we heard that the next game in the Saints Row series is in “advanced development stages” from the THQ Nordic distributor. Now, in an interview […]

A team of astronomers announces they have discovered three supermassive black holes concentrated in a small space in the center of a galaxy. It’s a first. It is believed that at the center of all large galaxies is a black hole millions of times more massive than the Sun. When two of these galaxies collide […]

We already knew that environmental pollution could have negative effects on the reproductive, nervous and respiratory systems over several generations, a new study suggests an impact on the immune system. A new link established The negative effects of common environmental pollution over several generations also affect the immune system. This conclusion was made by Paige […]

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