Black Friday deal reloaded: 10-inch Lenovo Smart Display for $150 at Costco  01/14/2019 14:59:00  2
Before you decide whether or not to take advantage of the latest Google Home Hub deal and purchase the smart display at a discounted price of $99, you may also want to consider Lenovo’s 10-inch Echo Show contender.

Dubbed simply the Lenovo Smart Display, this bad boy is both larger and louder than the Home Hub. Its 10-inch touchscreen sports a more than respectable 1920 x 1200 (aka Full HD) pixel count, while a couple of 10-watt full range speakers and two passive tweeters handle the sound coming out of the device for everything from audio streaming to watching instructional YouTube videos in the kitchen.

A 5MP wide angle camera takes care of hands-free Google Duo video calls, and best of all, you can buy the Lenovo Smart Display 10 for as little as 150 bucks right now. Not from retailers like Best Buy, though, where the product still fetches its full list price of $249.99.

Lenovo can mark that down to $199.99 through its very own official e-store, while Costco shaves off an extra 50 bucks. Half of the total $100 savings is listed as originating from the Smart Display’s manufacturer while expiring on January 31. The other half is Costco’s own doing and there’s no telling how long it might last.

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