Bill Shorten takes The Feed comedy teams PR advice in his election-morning run outfit  05/18/2019 00:24:14 

Labor leader Bill Shorten has hit the streets on election day 2019 in what might be (in our humble opinion) his greatest activewear moment yet.

'Chloe Shorten's Husband' pounded the pavement in Melbourne in a t-shirt that said - well, just that.

It appears to be a nod to the creative efforts of The Feeds comedy team, who earlier this year came up with a new campaign strategy for Shortens federal election campaign.

Chloe Shortens Husband took off after The Feed released a video sketch of Schmood PRs plan to try and save the Labor leader from himself .

A tweet of the video went viral after Shorten reposted it on his own account, with genius.

It was then followed up with a second video, that saw Zerbst take a 'cardboard clone' of Chloe to the leader himself, at a media event in Sydney's west.

When seeing the cutout as he was boarding the 'Bill Bus', Shorten stopped, turned and told reporters: 'vote one, Chloe Shorten's husband'.

The branding has become a key part of the Labor leader's campaign, which has seen him consistently trail Prime Minister Scott Morrison in preferred leader polling.

The team at 'Schmood PR' (The Feed's comedy queens Jenna Owen and Victoria Zerbst) were naturally thrilled.

In an exclusive interview, Zerbst told the The Feed the pair were all for the Labor leader 'co-opting' the pair's idea.

He finally gets it, like it's a fricken miracle.

"Omg wait hold the phone, he could win this," added Owen.

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