Biker run over by drunk driver in UAE, dies  01/21/2020 12:45:48  4  Ahmed Shaaban /Ras Al Khaimah
expat run over in uae, expat dies in uae

An Asian driver stood trial at the Ras Al Khaimah Criminal Court on charges of running over a biker, who died on the spot.

As per the sheet of indictment, the suspect, who was driving his car under the influence of alcohol, rammed a biker and fled the scene without offering help to the victim or alerting the police.

After being informed about the accident, the RAK Police launched investigation, and managed to track down the accused. He was arrested, referred to the prosecution and then to the court.

"I escaped the scene because I was scared," the defendant told the court.

"I did not mean to run over him," he added, while admitting that he was drunk while driving his car at the time of the crash.

The suspect told the court he did not wish to have a lawyer assigned to defend him. "I will be defending myself."

The court ordered adjournment of the case to next week to issue its ruling.

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