Bid to smuggle gold powder worth Dh312,000 in perfume bottles foiled in UAE  10/18/2020 14:58:41   Afkar Abdullah /Sharjah

Afkar Abdullah /Sharjah

Filed on October 18, 2020 | Last updated on October 18, 2020 at 07.04 pm
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(Picture retrieved from @ShjPolice/Twitter)

A gang of Asians trying to smuggle 1.6kg of gold powder worth Dh312,000 in perfume bottles was nabbed at the Sharjah International Airport.

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The cops spotted two persons behaving suspiciously at the baggage checkpoint in the airport. They had a box of perfume bottles that they said contained essential oils.

Brigadier-General Yunus Al Hajri, director of Ports and Airports Department, Sharjah Police, said the box contained 42 bottles. They had mixed gold powder with other chemicals to make it look like the bottles contained perfume.

As soon as these two suspects were arrested, the police tasked the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) to follow up on the case and arrest other suspects. The CID formed a special team that carried out a thorough probe, which resulted in identifying the entire network behind the racket.

The police officers used the information they gathered and set up an ambush, which led to the arrest of two more suspects.

During interrogation, the duo confessed that they bought gold powder, mixed it with other materials until it appeared to be aromatic liquid. They then filled perfume bottles with the liquid and handed it over to the first and second suspects to smuggle it outside the country, in exchange for huge money.

Brig-Gen Al Hajri underlined that the vigilance of the security men at the Sharjah airport and their agility helped foil the smuggling attempt.

Afkar Abdullah

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