Between the Streams: $100M Star Wars series, Jean-Luc Picard returns  05/17/2019 22:24:47  6  Ryan Waniata

BlacKkKlansman is Spike Lee’s best work in years, Idris Elba is back on top of the, “Who’s the next Bond?” list, Slender Man blows, and the Oscars get ‘popular.’ That’s just a small glimpse of what we’ll be talking about on today’s show as we wrap up the week that was in entertainment and bring it all to your doorstep (i.e. phone or computer).

Do you have any idea how much a TV show costs these days? Disney’s throwing down a cool $100 million on its 10-episode, Jon Favreau-led Star Wars series, and that’s not even the most expensive show announced this year. We’ll be chatting about all the details we have so far about this seminal series, as well as asking you if you’re planning to sign up for Disney’s exclusive streaming service to watch it.

Speaking of “Star” series, did you hear Sir Patrick Stewart is coming back to the Star Trek universe as one Jean-Luc Picard? Yeah, it was kind of a big week, and we’ll be bringing you the highlights from every juicy bit, so check out our live broadcast, and don’t forget to download the podcast from the links below and take Between the Streams on the road.

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At Between the Streams, we take on the big issues of our times, like whether or not Star Wars is going to go off the rails in the next few years (probably), or why five seasons is the ultimate zenith for any drama that wants to go out on top (thank you, Breaking Bad). We’re just as happy arguing about whether or not Alf was a quintessential ’80s sitcom as we are pondering Hollywood’s increasing penchant for reboots and nostalgia-driven mash-ups like Stranger Things. In short, we’re all about the most awesome, water cooler-worthy entertainment subjects that happen each and every week.

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