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It's always good to keep track of the best games and look back down the road that got us here. Here's a list of the best Xbox One games, by genre. We're also not including duplicate entries for hybrid games in multiple categories, sticking to what they do best. We'll update the list again to reflect newer releases.

The Witcher 3 is one of the most acclaimed games ever made, taking place in a huge open-world densely packed with incentives to explore, secrets to uncover and stories to unravel.

The Witcher 3 is as action-packed as they come, interwoven with a darkly mature plot, choice and consequences, and a virtual world teeming with life. The Witcher 3 is completely unmissable.

Bottom line: The Witcher 3 is the essential must-play Xbox One game of this generation for its value, depth, and sheer quality. You can grab The Witcher 3 plus DLC for around $40.

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Multiplayer Shooter

Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 exploded onto the scene and performed the rare feat of delivering on its massive hype campaign. Battlefield 1 takes place in WW1, a rare setting for a modern shooter, but DICE has recaptured the sobering horror of the world's first industrial-scale war with grace and respect.

Battlefield 1 is the most beautiful online shooter on Xbox One, taking place across gargantuan open-world maps with fully destructible environments and terrain.

Bottom line: Battlefield 1 is a full-blown masterpiece worthy of placement among the industry's all-time greatest shooters. Unmissable. Battlefield 1 is available for around $25.

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Campaign Shooter


Prey is a reimagining of a classic Xbox 360 shooter series, built by the minds behind Dishonored. Prey takes a place as the best campaign shooter on Xbox One for its painstakingly detailed levels, amazing story, thoughtful and rewarding combat, and engrossing atmospherics.

Taking place aboard the Talos I space station in an alternative history, as Morgan Yu, you must navigate a space colony infested with Typhon aliens that have escaped containment. Is this just a standard alien shooter? or is there a darker conspiracy at play here...? (It's the latter).

Bottom line: Prey has some of the best game design in recent memory, and is thoroughly unmissable for fans of games like Bioshock, Deus Ex, and Dead Space. Prey can be picked up for around $30 or less.

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Forza Horizon 3

Forza Horizon 3

Forza Horizon 3 delivers the most cohesive racing experience on the Xbox One. With hundreds of cars and a dynamic open world, the game amalgamates the finest components of its predecessors into a refined and invigorating package. Putting unparalleled customization and possibility in the hands of the player, Forza Horizon 3 is a perfection of the racing genre.

Bottom line: Packed with a strong roster of cars, a living world, and endless possibilities; Forza Horizon 3 is Microsoft's ultimate racing experience. Forza Horizon 3 can be found for around $40.

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Graphic Adventure

Life is Strange

Life is Strange took the world by storm a couple of years back for its dramatic tale of friendship and high-school intrigue finished with a healthy dose of the supernatural. Life is Strange follows a murder conspiracy in a small town, calling on inspiration from the likes of the X-Files and Twin Peaks. It's one of the most moving stories available on Xbox One today, and it's one game everyone should experience.

Bottom line: Life is Strange is an unmissable story-driven adventure game that gives the greatest TV mysteries a run for their money. You can grab Life is Strange for around $20.

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Open world

Assassin's Creed: Origins

Assassin's Creed: Origins is the latest entry in Ubisoft's flagship open world series, and it's absolutely killer.

Enhanced at 4K for the Xbox One X, Assassin's Creed: Origins takes the franchise to all-new heights, going even deeper on its RPG layer. Hunt animals, raid tombs, steal treasure, and upgrade your gear, in this absolutely huge open world set in Ancient Egypt.

You play as Bayek, a Father on a quest for vengeance. In doing so, you will unravel the origin story of the Assassin's order, meet with historical characters such as Cleopatra, and explore one of the most stunningly gorgeous open worlds ever built.

Bottom line: Assassin's Creed: Origins is a return to form for the aging franchise, putting the series back in the top spot for open world gameplay. You can grab it for around $40.

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Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Resident Evil suffered a decline in recent years, but the seventh installment sent it screaming back to the top of the pile.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard rekindles the magic that made the franchise so great, delivering an explorative adventure that is as terrifying as it is brutally violent. Key hunting, ammo scavenging, and puzzle solving return in this bone-chilling game that easily reclaims the series throne as horror royalty.

Bottom line: Resident Evil 7 is the quintessential horror experience for Xbox One, and it has to be experienced by all horror fans. RE7 is available plus DLC for around $40.

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Cuphead showcases what an indie studio can do with a ton of talent, a heap of passion, and a unique idea. Cuphead is the first game from Studio MDHR, launched on Microsoft's indie label ID@Xbox, and it's hard as hell.

In Cuphead, you guide the eponymous Cuphead and his brother, Mugman, on a mission across the Inkwell Isles to save their souls. Hand-animated with 1930s-style art, Cuphead is an artistic masterpiece full of whimsical characters and maddeningly harsh (but rewarding) boss-battle gameplay.

Bottom line: Cuphead is a masterpiece that showcases the fact creativity and passion doesn't need a big publisher. It's available on Xbox Play Anywhere for just $20.

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For kids


Did you expect anything else?! Minecraft is a phenomenon that led Microsoft to drop billions to secure the franchise back in 2014. Since launch, the game has grown far beyond its humble Java beginnings, spawning several large updates, and even an educational version.

Minecraft will also begin exposing its code soon, allowing users to create their own add-ons with tools as simple as Notepad and MS Paint.

Bottom line: For an entire generation of youngsters, Minecraft will be among the first games they truly loved. Minecraft continues to be a runaway success story, likely here to stay. You can grab Minecraft for $20.

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Roleplaying Game (RPG)

Monster Hunter World

Few games offer as much combat playstyle customizability as Monster Hunter World, which not only allows you to choose your armor, but you can also choose from dozens of skills, and 14 weapon types.

In Monster Hunter World, you're part of a guild of warrior hunters tasked with maintaining the balance of a monster-filled ecosystem. Monster Hunter World is a co-op focused affair, which supports teams of up to four players as you battle everything from giant bats, to hulking dinosaurs and towering dragons. Monster Hunter World is relentlessly addictive, and should not be missed by RPG fans, particularly those who like to play games co-operatively.

Bottom line: Monster Hunter World is a relentlessly addictive co-op RPG with incredibly satisfying combat and a rewarding gear system. It's available for around $60.

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Action Adventure

Quantum Break

Quantum Break

Action-Adventure is a broad genre that encompasses all sorts of titles that don't quite fit into a more specific category. Quantum Break isn't quite a shooter, as the majority of your combat hinges on the heavy use of time-warping powers that spew gorgeous special effects across every surface, and the fabric of reality itself.

Quantum Break is one of the only titles on Xbox One that utilizes live-action cutscenes, which play out like high-quality modern TV show episodes in between levels.

Bottom line: Visceral combat, breath-taking visuals and Remedy's signature unique story-telling make Quantum Break an unmissable $20 Action-Adventure Xbox One title.

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The Long Dark

After a long winter in development, The Long Dark has triumphantly emerged from the Game Preview program.

The Long Dark is a survival simulator without equal. Playing either in the game's episodic story mode or open world sandbox mode, your task is to manage your thirst, hunger, and the biting Canadian cold.

In The Long Dark, a meteorological disaster has created a deadly blizzard, causing you to crash in the Canadian wilds. Communications are cut, townships and vehicles lay abandoned, and your only mission is to survive.

Bottom line: I've had some of my most exciting Xbox moments with The Long Dark and its emergent gameplay systems, and I can't recommend it enough. And hey, it's also on Xbox Play Anywhere for $35!

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INSIDE is among the most critically acclaimed games on Xbox One for its meticulously polished gameplay, ravenously dark plot and fiendish puzzles that are just as likely to warp your mind as the game's shocking ending.

Bottom line: INSIDE is from the creators of LIMBO, and is every bit as haunting. At $20, this is one game everybody on Xbox One has to experience.

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Divinity Original Sin

Divinity Original Sin is a turn-based RPG with old-school sensibilities. It is also the number one co-op experience available on Xbox One. Playable both online and offline in split-screen, Divinity Original Sin allows two players to experience the game's dangerous medieval world and partake in satisfyingly tactical turn-based RPG battles.

Both characters can even participate in the game's light-hearted conversations and even disagree on different decisions, often leading to hilarious consequences.

Bottom line: Exploring a CRPG world in co-op is as close to the real Dungeons and Dragons you can get on Xbox One, putting Divinity: Original Sin at the top of the pile. DO:S is available for around $40.

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Strategy & Simulation

Halo Wars 2

Halo Wars 2 proves that real-time strategy is not only viable on console but desirable. The talented folks at 343i and Creative Assembly crafted a wonderful package in Halo Wars 2 that offers something for everyone.

From its engaging campaign, to its fast-paced Blitz PvP mode and classic, competitive multiplayer modes, Halo Wars 2 features an incredible wealth of content that easily earns itself a spot as the top strategy game for Xbox One.

Bottom line: Halo Wars 2 casts away its "spinoff" moniker with ease. Make no mistake, this is one of the best Halo games ever released. You can grab it for around $25.

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Ori and the Blind Forest

Ori and the Blind Forest

Ori and the Blind Forest is the greatest platformer in an entire generation, and it's available exclusively on Xbox One and Windows 10. Guide the impossibly cute Ori through a gorgeous hand-drawn world complete with extremely challenging platforming and a beautifully woven story.

Bottom line: Ori and the Blind Forest is a moving, rewarding and beautiful game every Xbox owner should experience at $20.

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Rocket League

Rocket League

Rocket League combines high-octane cart racing with physics-based soccer rules to create something truly addictive. Two teams of up to four cars must race to score as many goals as possible in a set time limit, literally driving the ball into the opposing team's goal. Boost, rocket jump and drive on the arena walls — all tactics are valid in Rocket League.

Bottom line: Rocket League is a great value $20 purchase for sports fans of all kinds. Constant free updates help keep the game fresh, thanks to its cosmetic micro-transactions.

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Killer Instinct

Killer Instinct

Pioneering Xbox Play Anywhere, Killer Instinct was the first title that allowed your purchases to roam between Xbox One and Windows 10. Killer Instinct is a revival of Rare's classic fighter from the 90s. The combo-heavy fighting game enjoys an active player base with several large seasonal updates. If you're an Xbox One owner into fighting games, you probably own this game already.

Bottom line: Killer Instinct has a large roster, a maddeningly addictive combat engine and some of the best network infrastructure seen in the genre. You can also pick it up for free.

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Backward compatible

Red Dead Redemption

News that Red Dead Redemption was being tested for backward compatibility sent sales of the game skyrocketing earlier in 2016. The game launched a few months later to a riotous celebration and proved that the Xbox 360 game had aged incredibly well. Guide John Marston through a disappearing Wild West in what is easily the greatest cowboy game ever made, from the creators of Grand Theft Auto.

Bottom line: Red Dead Redemption is one of the best open world games ever made. Everyone must play. Red Dead Redemption is available for $30.

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Your turn

There are hundreds of great Xbox One games out there, far too many to list in a single place. Are there any games or categories you think we missed? What are your favorite games? Any winners we listed that you'd remove?

Updated March 13, 2018: We updated our guide with more great games, and Monster Hunter World slips into our best RPG position!

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