Shane van Gisbergen wins thrilling Bathurst 1000 ahead of Cameron Waters - ABC News  10/18/2020 07:46:00 

By Simon Smale

We'll wrap up the live coverage here for now.

Thank you so much for joining me over the course of the day, it has been a pleasure to bring you all the action from Mount Panorama.

Fantastic performance from all the leading drivers, it's too easy to forget that this was the ONLY endurance race of the season, at one of the hardest circuits in motorsport.

Shane van Gisbergen has come so close before, no closer than last year, but this time he excelled and drove away from a field that was pushing to the very extreme of theirlimits, lap after lap of faultless driving.

I hope you enjoyed the coverage and we'll catch you again next time.

By Simon Smale

Shane van Gisbergen was all smiles on the podium, and understandably so.

He said he had serious doubts as to whether he would ever get a chance to win the race after coming close the last couple of years.

"So special to win here. Got close so may times and then you just begin to doubt, especially in those last few laps, you start to think what is going to go wrong?

"But the car ran faultless all day and got better and better."

Audience comment by bob gibson

congratulation holden team good to see you go out on a blaze of glory

Audience comment by Peter

By Simon Smale

Chaz Mostert has been interviewed on the podium, where the Ford driver acknowledged that he had never had to push so hard.

"I haven't [ever driven so hard]," Mostert said on the podium.

"That felt like wildfires at the end. Congratulations to these guys behind me. They did a fantastic job all day and put entertainment on for everyone around the country.

"A big thank you to our whole team here and also in Melbourne. It has been a hard year and to all the Holden fans thank you for supporting us this year and we will see what happens next year.

By Simon Smale

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Bathurst 1000 race highlights.

By Simon Smale

The caption says it all.

By Simon Smale

This was confirmed last race, but Scott McLaughlin has been awarded the Supercars Championship trophy after what might be the last time he races in Supercars.

"Congratulations to Shane and 888 racing for their win today. Theymade it happen today.

"It has been an amazing year. I think the comradarie between the teams.

"Obviously last year was pretty full on, tit-for-tat, then this year &everyone knows how hard it has been for everyone and there has been a lot of good hard racing, the best racing we have had.

"We didn't have a turnaround to come back and fix the cars. Creditto the Victorian teams for the sacrifices they gave for us, their families, the sport, the volunteers

By Simon Smale

Garth Tander, who is now a four-time winner of Bathurst,has also had a chat with the TV team.

"It was OK until two to go and the last restart, didn't need that one," Tander said.

"Awesome job Shane, the way he managed the last three stints, amazing, very impressive.

"This will take a little while to sink in, it's been such a strange year and sitting on the couch for six months and then firing up and being on the road for five weeks to do the race, really special one and I'll sit back and enjoy it."

Audience comment by Gaia

Great work on the blog today Simon. Nail-biter of a finish! I did try to send some more rain across to the races, but it fizzled out on the way there.

Audience comment by Jk

Brilliant! Great way to end the Holden brand.

Audience comment by Ritchie McC

Audience comment by Han

Been either going to or watching Bathurst since 1963. Fabulous memories and added another one today. Thanks Simon (wan-Kenobi).

By Simon Smale

Here is Shane van Gisbergen, the 62nd winner of Bathurst.

"Just awesome, van Gisbergen said.

"The last few laps were tough with the safety car, butthe team did a faultless job and thanks to the guys, we had a great car and great way to send outHolden and thanks to Garth Tander, he did an awesome job.

"I wish my mum and dad were here.

"Each time [Cameron Waters] got close through turntwo, with good grip and I knew I'd be OK. The last stints were just qualifying, just awesome.

"[It was a] real track position race, super hard to pass when the rain came.

"I was a bit slow at the start and got going and that got us to the front and we never left there. Awesome day."

He said he was looking forward to getting back to New Zealand on Tuesday to celebrate.

Audience comment by Graeme

Great way to say goodbye holden

By Simon Smale

Celebration time for Shane van Gisbergen and Garth Tander

By Simon Smale

Thanks Simon, exciting blog, can I just ask, what time is Dan going to be on?

-Sorry, couldnt resist.

No Dan, but we'll hear from Shane van Gisbergen very shortly I'd expect.

Audience comment by David (in Japan)

Ive been kept updated all day thanks to your great commentary - much appreciated

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By Simon Smale

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