Bachelor In Paradise's Richie slams Rachael: "What the hell is wrong with you?"  04/17/2019 11:54:00   Penelope Kilby

"Cass and I are going good," he told viewers, adding that "There isn't anyone I've had a connection with like Cass."

Just prior, one of the 24 women he dated on The Bachelor, Rachael Gouvignon, could be heard gushing about her sexual tension with Richie.

"It still makes sense to be with Richie. The story of us is not over. I know Richie could be the guy for me. I know if I’ve cut things off too soon with Richie," she said.

By "cut off," she means when Richie cut her off.

"He was looking at me and smiling at the rose ceremony," she told Brit, referring to the evening before when his crush, Cass Wood gave him her rose.

"I think you’re reading into things," Brittney told her, but Rach wasn't listening.

Richie Strahan

Channel 10

Rachael insisted, "I feel like there is still something there between us."

The Perth-based beauty then informed viewers that she had a master plan to make "my Bachelor" see that he's her Bachelor.

"She popped up out of nowhere," Rich said in his piece to camera, shock on his face.

"I captured Richie," she explained.

Leading him through the jungle, a table with candles, prosecco and a meal appeared in a clearing.

“A candlelight dinner…. What is wrong with you? I’ve been hanging out with Cass for days!” Richie, confused, told viewers. 

“I thought I put it all to bed. None of this makes sense.”

He took a long gulp from his beer.

Back in Paradise, Cass was equally as confused, and flickers of her stage-five clinger side began to emerge.

“I don’t know why Rachael is interfering with Richie," she said. "He was her Bachelor, but he’s my Bachelor now.”


Richie and Rachael

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