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 phonearena.com  4/16/2018 6:45:00 PM 

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As a huge fan of the H6's, I'm excited to try these, although as you mentioned, the price is hard to justify considering the alternatives.

They look great. Typical B&O elegant design.

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Now these are real headphones from a proper audio brand, instead of buying audio products from brands that doesn't even specialize in it, which unsurprisingly result in a subpar sound quality experience. B&O is not about compromises or being "good enough" for the average consumer, such as the products that Samsung, Apple, Beats, Bose and Google makes. That's why B&O design and build quality is better than anything else out there, in my opinion. Headphones from brands such as Bose, Sony, AKG, Beats, Apple and Samsung all produce plastic headphones, which just feels incredibly cheap in comparison. This also shines through in the sound quality, which is simply better than what you typically get from the competitors. B&O has been experts within audio since 1925, so they have done audio long before Apple or Samsung even existed. These are also one of the few headphone designs out there that actually looks better in colours that aren't just generic black, as a generic black would hide the design, which no one should be doing. Just look at them in this Natural color scheme:


I'm saying this as a guy who originally thought that B&O was simply overpriced, until i tried a pair of Beoplay H6 2nd Gen. Not only did they beat everything else i tried, but they were also cheaper than a significant number of the headphones i tried. B&O still has overpriced products, but their Beoplay sub-brand is worth the money, as it targets the more mainstream audience.

/Rant over (About time you review B&O products Phonearena!)

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