Apple Watch Series 5 is now official: it comes with Always-On screen!  09/10/2019 18:07:00 
The new Apple Watch Series 5 is here and it comes with an always on display while maintaining the same all-day, 18-hour battery life.

This is possible thanks to a brand new type of super efficient display that can change its refresh rate, and the watch also comes with a quite a few other new features including a built-in compass.

Here is everything new about the Apple Watch Series 5:

Always-on thanks to new screen technology

The Series 5 comes with a brand new low-temperature polysilicon (LTPO) display and it has a super power: it can refresh dynamically from your customary 60Hz all the way down to just 1Hz, meaning that it can refresh 60 times a second or just 1 time a second. Naturally, this means that it is much more power efficient than before and allows the Series 5 to finally, finally have an always-on display mode, WHILE maintaining the all-day, 18-hour battery life. This new experience comes together thanks to a combination of factors: the new display technology, a new driver, a new circuit and more.

The always-on mode comes with a custom version of watchfaces and workout screens, and then you can bring the full-color versions of those watchfaces with a tap on the watch or by raising your wrist.

A built-in compass

The Series 5 now also comes with a built-in compass, so you can use the Maps app on the watch just like you would on an iPhone, seeing which way you are headed.
There is a new Compass app as well, where you can see Altitude, Longitude, Elevation and Incline, more than you could ever see on the watch.

Previously, Apple had added fall detection, emergency SOS, and medical ID, all incredibly useful safety features.

Now, every Series 5 cellular model comes with emergency calling that works all across the world. Just press and hold the side button to start an emergency call, even when you don't have your iPhone around. This should bring some more peace of mind when you travel internationally.You should also know that the new watch has cases that are now made from 100% recycled aluminum, great for the environment.

There are a few new colors and finishes, so let's list them all:

  • Stainless steel now come in gold, space black and polished
  • New models for the first time in *titanium*. Apple ensures that titanium maintains its color thanks to a special finish. 
  • New brushed space black with diamond like finish
  • Ceramic comes in a brilliant white color
  • New Apple Watch Nike models, new bands, sportloops
  • New Hermes models with color block bands, Hermes models in black, space black cases

Price and Release Date

The Apple Watch Series 5 replaces the Series 4 (meaning that the Series 4 will no longer be sold). The prices for the Series 5 are the following:

  • starting from $399 for GPS models
  • from $499 for GPS+cellular
Finally, the Series 5 is available to order today and will arrive in stores starting Friday, September 20th.

Apple is also keeping Series 3, but dropping its price so it now starts at the quite affordable $199.

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