Apple greatly improves AppleCare+ coverage  09/16/2020 19:03:00 

Apple greatly improves AppleCare+ coverage

Last month we told you about a leaked internal memo that was disseminated inside Apple. The memo detailed some changes that Apple was supposedly making to its AppleCare+ extended warranty program. Sure enough, Apple did make some changes to the program, which is part of its massive Services group. One big change gives you the opportunity to claim two cases of accidental damage every 12 months. Previously, the terms called for AppleCare+ to cover two cases of accidental damage every 24 months. Keep in mind that if you don't have any claims over a 12-month period, you cannot roll them over for use during the second 12-month period.

Apple makes some big changes to AppleCare+

One prominent change that was mentioned in the leaked memo and is now official gives those who purchase an Apple device in the U.S. and Canada as long as one year after the purchase date to decide whether to sign up for Apple Care+. Why is that a big deal? Previously, Apple customers had only 30 days after purchase to cover a newly-bought device with the extended warranty. While no one at Apple is revealing why these changes are being made, CEO Tim Cook noted last month that sales of the program have been negatively impacted by the global pandemic.

With AppleCare+, a damaged iPhone screen will cost you $29 while any other covered accidental damage is capped at $99. If you add the optional (and more expensive) theft and loss coverage, you will pay no more than $149 for a replacement model if your iPhone has been lost, or, well, stolen. That also is a nice change since the co-pay to replace more expensive iPhone models had been $269.

For the iPhone 11 Pro series, AppleCare+ is priced at $200 (a one-time fee) or $10 a month over 24 months. To add the theft and loss option, you will need to pay an additional $100 or make 24 extra payments of $5 per month. AppleCare+ is also available for other Apple products including the iPad, iPod touch, Apple Watch, HomePod, and Mac. You can sign up for AppleCare+ online or by calling 800-275-2273. A remote diagnostic test and proof of purchase are required for both. You can also sign up at an Apple Store where your device will be inspected. Proof of purchase also will be required.

Do you have a tendency to drop your iPhone? Do you practice unsafe iPhone use by not using a case? Only you can really know whether you need AppleCare+. Certainly, it can save you some money if you have a habit of performing drop tests accidentally. As for why you should choose AppleCare+ over third-party warranty firms, Apple has a reasonable answer: "Because Apple makes the hardware, the operating systems, and many applications, our experts understand how everything works together and can help resolve most issues in a single conversation."

AppleCare+ for the iPhone features coverage of the handset, the battery (if it retains less than 80% of its original capacity), and the earphones and other accessories that were included in the box. AppleCare+ includes access to experts who can help you troubleshoot issues related to iOS and iCloud, connecting with wireless networks, and apps developed by Apple such as Mail, Calendar, and FaceTime.

The Services unit that AppleCare+ is a part of is expected to hit the company's $50 billion revenue goal for this fiscal year. After three quarters of fiscal 2020 have been completed, Apple has generated $39.2 billion in Services revenue. The unit includes the App Store, Apple Pay, Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple News+, Apple Arcade, iCloud, the new Apple Fitness+, and more.


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