Apple Arcade announced: Meet the first premium gaming service on mobile  09/10/2019 17:28:00 

Apple today announced Apple Arcade, the first premium game service on mobile that will give you access to a collection of brand new premium iOS games for an upfront monthly fee. Thanks to this new service, Apple wants to boost the popularity of high-quality paid mobile games, which have always struggled to compete with the popularity of free-to-play titles.

Apple Arcade will live as a new, separate tab within the App Store, and consist of more than 100 expertly-curated games that will be exclusive to the Apple Arcade service. You will have to pay a monthly fee but will also be able to play any Apple Arcade game for as long as you want and on whatever Apple device you want, be it iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, or a Mac. 

Apple Arcade announced: Meet the first premium gaming service on mobile

There will be no ads and in-app purchases included with any Apple Arcade titles, so parents can be content that their child wouldn't rack up an astronomical bill with power-ups. Parents can also manage Apple Arcade with the ScreenTime feature and limit for how long their kids game.

The best bit? All the games will utilize a continuity-like feature that will let you switch devices and continue from where you left off. Aside from that feature, Apple Arcade will be completely offline and will let you download all the games on your device so that you can game while being off the grid.

Some of the developers and game studios that will be developing exclusive titles for Apple Arcade are Konami, SEGA, Disney Studios, LEGO, Cartoon Network, Devolver, Gallium, Sumo Digital, Klei Studios (Don't Starve, Oxygen Not Included), Finji (Night in the Woods), and many, many others. It became quite clear during the keynote that Apple wants to help game developers create games that would otherwise be swamped within the hordes of free-to-play fluff on the App Store. Definitely an empowering move that will hopefully give us exceptional and well-made games made exclusively for mobile. Definitely an A+ selection of content creators, which are more than capable of bringing the next Monument Valley to your iPhone and iPad.

Apple Arcade will arrive later this year in more than 150 countries around the world. Pricing is unknown at this time.It seems that mobile gaming will become that much more interesting space in late 2019, when both Apple Arcade and Google Stadia will vow to revitalize this big, but stagnating niche of mobile software, which has been struggling to come up with high-quality titles of its own and relies on shady free-to-play tactics instead.
Apple Arcade announced: Meet the first premium gaming service on mobile
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