‘Angry landscaper’ fined after giving the finger to PM Malcolm Turnbull

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By Starts at 60 WritersIn NewsOn Friday 18th May, 2018

It might be easier to picture Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull with a glass of champagne than a beer, but he reportedly ordered a Fat Yak while meeting supporters in Brisbane. Source: Getty

Plenty of voters no doubt imagine they might have some choice words for Malcolm Turnbull should they ever come fact to face with the prime minister, but one Brisbane man took it a little too far on Thursday night.

A woman who was with the man told the newspaper that the man had “had a few” and “flipped” when he learned that the PM was in the vicinity. “He said something about taxes and just went at him,” the woman said.

Photographs published by the news.com.au show the man with bright red hair and wearing a cream sweatshirt with his middle finger extended behind the PM’s head, while the Courier Mail had photographs from later on that showed the man in handcuffs. The Brisbane Times reported that the man was issued with an infringement notice for failing to leave a licensed premises.

In Queensland, such notices are issued for what are called public nuisance offences and involve the payment of a fine.

Turnbull got off more lightly than his predecessor Tony Abbott, who was headbutted by a man in Tasmania. The man admitted he had been drinking before approaching Abbott in the street in September. 

What would you like to say to Malcolm Turnbull if you had the opportunity?

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