Amsterdam Art Museum to Display Hundreds of Rembrandt Works in a Single Exhibit  02/13/2019 20:36:12   Renae Reints

The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam will showcase most of its works by Rembrandt van Rijn in a single exhibit this spring, marking the 350th anniversary of the Dutch artist’s death.

The exhibit is likely to be the most expansive collection of Rembrandts to ever be displayed from here on out, Museum Director Taco Dibbits told the Associated Press, “because the works on paper are incredibly fragile.”

Rijksmuseum boasts the largest collection of Rembrandt paintings in the world, in addition to 1,300 prints. The exhibit, titled “All the Rembrandts,” will include 22 paintings, 60 drawings, and a selection of 300 of the artist’s best prints.

The display will showcase Rembrandt’s development as an artist, including work from all points in his life. There will be self-portraits, etchings, and drawings of everyday life, and sketches of women, animals, and children. Notable works include portraits of Marten Soolmans and Oopjen Coppit, The Jewish Bride, and The Sampling Officials.

Night Watch, one of Rembrandt’s priceless and most recognizable works, will not be in the special exhibit but will continue to be visible in the Rijksmuseum’s Honor Gallery.

Pieter Roelofs, the museum’s head of paintings and sculpture, told the AP Rembrandt is “one of the most experimental and innovative artists in Western art history.” He is remembered as the first to paint people as they are, including all their imperfections.

“Rembrandt is the artist of human beings and he never idealizes so he really portrays people; how they are in their strengths and weaknesses,” Roelofs said.

“All the Rembrandts” will be at the Rijksmuseum from Feb. 15 to June 10.

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