Amazon's expanded selection includes major brands like Duracell, Glade, Heineken, Mentos, Mr. Muscle, Tassimo, Wellman and Wellwoman (full list below). Like the buttons that preceded them, they cost £4.99 but Amazon says it will refund the same amount after their first press, essentially making them free.

As part of its announcement, Amazon also confirmed what Brits have been dying to re-order. Toilet paper is the most popular Dash button to date, no doubt pleasing Andrex, with Finish dishwasher tablets and Ariel washing capsules coming in second and third. At least now alcohol, mints and additional coffee pods have been added to the line-up, you might be able to enjoy some of the things you buy, rather than just using them to keep on top of chores.

Full list: Aquarian, Dad's Root Beer, Duracell, Eukanuba, Glade, Heineken, Hycell, IAMS, Joseph Joseph, Kiwi, L'Or, Mentos, Mr. Muscle, Perfect Fit, Perfectil, Regina, Scott, Tassimo, Wellman, Wellwoman.