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Ok folks,you know the drill  todays the best day of the year short of Black Friday for deals, sports tech and beyond. What started just a few short years ago as an Amazon-only thing has oddly enough spread beyond Amazon, with other retailers and companies matching as well. One could easily just call it mid-July day, or Bastille Day Morning After. Whatever floats your boat.

Ill be updating this list all day long as things come in and out, as well as via Twitter. Remember  things will come in and out. The whole point of Prime Day is short term sales. Stuff usually only lasts an hour or two. If you see something you like  grab it, itll soon be gone (and figure out how to return it later if need be). Also, I know a number of sports tech companies are indeed participating  both with and without Amazon, so Ill definitely be highlighting those as I see them.

Now, despite it being known as Amazon Prime Day, the fine folks from Seattle arent terribly good with singulars versus plurals, and this year its actually two days  today (July 15th) and tomorrow (July 16th). And of course, any of the links you find here will likely support the site  so I very much appreciate that. And if you see anything else on Amazon you want, simply hit one of these links first and then search on Amazon and itll still help support the site. Easy-peasy!

Youll need to be an Amazon Prime member, but you can use the free trial if you dont have membership. Oh  and one more pro-tip: Most of the time Amazon will repeat sales during Prime Day  so if you missed out, check back every 3-4 hours, sometimes itll show up later on.

Sports Tech Deals:

These are all the deals on products that Ive reviewed, had hands-on time with, or otherwise dorked with. Note: Ill be trying to to include Euro deals as best as possible throughout the day, though sometimes its a bit tricky to find them across so many Amazon EU sites. The ones with the little next to them are what I’d consider exceptionally good or rare deals. All the deals are very good, but these are ‘Buy now, ask questions later’ type things.

Apple Watches: 30-40% off Apple Watches: This includes the Apple Watch Series 3 down to $169-199, and the Apple Watch Series 3 LTE down to $224. Holy balls. Also, if youre looking for a new iPad for your indoor training, some are upwards of 40% off.

Apple AirPods – $15-$20 off: This is the latest version, which has been working fairly well for me with the latest Garmin watches for music playback. And here’s the wireless charging case variant as well.

DJI OSMO Action  $30 off, down to $319: This is DJIs first action cam that came out a bit over a month ago, and the first time weve seen it on sale.

DJI Mavic Air  $120 off, down to $679: I often mix and match this or the DJI Spark as my favorite drone for taking with me on travels and rides. Easily fits in back jersey pocket.

Fitbit Wearables- $30 off Charge 3 & Versa: Pick your tracker, it’s the same $30 off each one!

Fibit Ionic – $50 off: This GPS capable unit includes music and contactless payments as well.

Garmin Edge 820 Mapping Cycling GPS – $229 – 34% off: While this unit was recently overtaken by the Edge 830 – it’s still a really solid cycling GPS with mapping/navigational capabilities.

Garmin Fenix 5 – 33%, down to $399: There’s a slew of models here, so you kinda need to poke around at which colors/etc, but basically they start at $399 for the non-Plus edition. These lack music/payments/etc.

Garmin Fenix 5 Slate Grey with Black Band only – $349: This particular duck is available only on and only in this specific configuration. But it’s $50 cheaper than above.

Garmin Forerunner 35 – down to $89: If you’re looking for an entry-level running GPS watch, there’s no better deal on the market than this right now.

Garmin Forerunner 645 Music down to $299: Very strong deal, especially if you were looking at the Garmin FR245 Music, as the FR645 has more functionality in it.

Garmin Vivoactive 3 – down to $149: Damn, that’s probably the best deal of the day here.

Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music to $178: Or, for $28 more you can get music storage onboard, including offline Spotify support.

Garmin Vivofit Jr 2 – 40% off, down to $47: This appears to be only certain editions of it, but still, a solid deal. My oldest Peanut loves wearing hers, even if she doesn’t fully understand it yet. Any parent I talk to loves it though (it’s used in some ways more for chores and stuff than straight activity tracking). Full post here on how it works, it’s better than you’d expect.

Garmin Wearables: 30-50% off many Garmin watches: This includes the Fenix 5 series, Forerunner 35 (down to $89!), the Vivoactive 3 (down to $149!), and even the Garmin Forerunner 645 Music among many others.

GoPro Hero 7 Black $50 off ($349) & $50 Amazon Gift Card included: Its kinda like getting cash back. Its also my main action-cam go-to.

GoPro Hero 7 Black – $50 off and 32GB SD card included: Not from Amazon, but slightly different than the deal above.

GoPro massive accessory package: I got almost this exact same package earlier this winter. The price is normally $25, but its set as Upcoming for a deal later today.

Polar H10 ANT+/BLE Strap – 20% off: This includes the latest strap from Polar which now includes transmission over ANT+ & Bluetooth Smart.

SanDisk MicroSD Cards for Action Cams  30-60% off: I use plenty of SanDisk cards for my action cams and drones. Seriously, I have a disturbing number of them. My personal sweet spot is 128GB, but I often buy 256GB cards.

Scosche Rhythm 24 & Rhythm+ – $20 off either: Both are great little optical HR sensors that transmit both ANT+ & Bluetooth Smart. The R24 also has onboard storage capabilities.

Suunto 9 GPS – 25% off, down to $399: If Suunto is your jam, then this is a reasonably solid price for this unit!

Wahoo Fitness sensors  20% off: This includes the dual ANT+/BLE TICKR HR strap, RPM cadence sensor, speed sensor, and BlueSC dual speed/cadence sensor.

Withings Body+ Smart WiFi Scale – nearly 50% off to $49: Definitely one of my favorite smart scales. Can’t go wrong here. (Keep checking back on this one, I suspect we’ll see it again on Tuesday).

European Deals:

Generally speaking most Amazon EU sites (UK/DE/IT/ES/FR) will ship within the EU without issue. Generally being the operative word. If Amazon lets you, then you’re all good. If it doesn’t, then sometimes sneak around to the other Amazon sites and occasionally it’ll work there instead.

Garmin Wearables: 30-54% off many Garmin watches: This includes the Fenix 5 series, Forerunner 35 (down to 79GPB!), the Vivoactive 3 (down to 149GBP!), and even the Garmin Forerunner 735XT triathlon bundle and the Vivomoves are here. This DOES support shipping to mainland Europe.

Garmin Edge 820 – 50% off, down to 189EUR: Dang, that’s a very sweet deal on this unit.

Polar Vantage V – 50% off! That’s a slamming good deal, down to 220GBP. Also shippable to mainland Europe.

Polar Vantage M – 36% off: Also a good deal, note too that both the Vantage V & Vantage M will receive the vast majority of the new features from the Polar Ignite, later this year.

Polar A370 – 55% off: This is their activity tracker that can also leverage your phone’s GPS.

Other Stuff:

Things in this bucket are basically the things Im buying or have bought that may or may not have to do with sports tech, but I know a lot of you are curious about other tech-type purchases I make  such as photography or foodie contraptions or such. All of these are of course on sale.

Apple iPad – 24% off, down to $249: This is exactly what I use – exact model and all – for all of my tablet based stuff. So that includes Zwift, TrainerRoad, Sufferfest, and many other apps when my main screens are busy.

Amazon Echo Dot – 56% off: We have Echo Dots at both home and studio, just the simple $22 version is all we need and also keeps the kids happy playing music.

Anker Battery Packs – up to 46% off: I’m kinda a battery pack hoarder. I’ve got a small fleet of Anker and RAVPower battery packs always handy. I’ll likely stock up on a few more…for reasons that realistically make no sense.

Bose Soundlink Around-Ear Headphones – 31% off: I’m super tempted to pick up a pair of these mainly so I can get away from the AAA batteries of my existing Bose headphones. Still undecided on them. Will let ya know if I do here.

DJI OSMO Pocket  $30 off: I wouldnt recommend this for sports usage, but I do actually use it a bunch at trade shows and around events. Its a incredibly small stabilized camera.

Elgato Green Screen – 20% off: This is what both myself and GPLama use for any green-screen content we do. Lama uses his way more than I do. =B

Elgato Cam Link 4K – 23% off to $99: This little USB accessory allows me to record/stream cameras, but also is what I often use to record Zwift from Apple TV & my laptop.

KitchenAide 5QT Mixer 48% off: The foodie in me would happily pickup another one of these, despite the fact that we have a few already (look, we ran two bakeries). They’re complete work-horses for us – having produced likely hundreds of thousands of cupcakes and still chugging along. Like this section said, nothing to do with sports tech, everything to do with my belly.

SONOS ONE – $129 (from $199): This is a really solid deal, though seems to be in and out in terms of availability, so definitely keep checking back on this one for sure! We use SONOS units around the home and absolutely love them. I’d happily pick up another as soon as I see this live again.

With that  thanks again for reading (and using the above links)!

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