HelloTech Joins Abode Systems for Do-It-For-Me Security Installations

 digitaltrends.com  02/13/2019 19:40:40  2  Clayton Moore

Most security system manufacturers rely on in-house help to sell and install security systems but the advent of smart home tech has seen an increase in the number of do-it-yourself installations available. Now it looks like Palo Alto, California-based Abode Systems is working both sides of the street by offering both user-managed installations as well as a new partnership with Los Angeles-based tech support firm HelloTech to send professional technicians to customers’ homes to install their home security equipment.

Abode’s DIY security kit has been on the market for a few months now and the company recently upgraded its smart home gateway, adding optional 4G cellular backup connectivity and enhanced Z-Wave functionality, all in an effort not only to “future-proof” its products but also to tap into more of the multi-billion-dollar smart home technology market.  The new partnership with HelloTech should enhance the company’s customer base nicely, enabling Abode not only to reach technophobes and other customers who might mistrust the company’s security technology but also those for whom the technical process of installation is just too burdensome.

“Abode is thrilled to partner with HelloTech and extend its premium in-home installation services to customers nationwide,” said Chris Carney, Abode co-founder & CEO, in a release. “Our customers can still choose to install the system on their own or, for a white-glove experience, have one of HelloTech’s experts install and configure their system for them to tie together all aspects of their smart home and security needs. We’re excited for what the future holds, as we work together to help users expand their systems to new connected home device categories and drive interoperability forward for the industry.”

Abode customers who are interested in adding professional installation provided by HelloTech will have the option to add the service during the checkout process on the Abode website. Preferred appointment times will be available for selection and confirmation by HelloTech. The installation services will be available nationwide starting in February and services will be automatically matched with each sold system on a geographic basis. The cost for installation varies by system, according to a release by Abode, but are expected to start around $100.

“The Abode line is a natural fit and addition to the portfolio of smart home installation services offered by HelloTech,” said Greg Steiner, CEO of HelloTech, in the release. “The Abode system features deep integrations with a large number of products we already offer installation services for, such as video doorbells and smart thermostats, and most importantly, delivers whole home security and home automation in one powerful solution.”

The new Abode System installation services facilitated by HelloTech will begin with what the companies call “do-it-for-me installation services,” followed by plans to expand and introduction additional service and support features in the future.

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