Aaron Carter wants to keep his adult cam shows ‘classy’

 pagesix.com  09/18/2020 15:42:58   Nicki Gostin

Aarons porn party 2?

Earlier this month, Aaron Carter made his adult cam show debut on CamSoda and on Friday, he’s returning for what he believes will be another “classy” performance.

The 32-year-old former teen idol promises that its going to be an unforgettable evening.

“Im going to hop on the piano and then do some other kinky stuff like hot wax and you know, just some stuff like that, you just have to sign up to see it,” he told Page Six Thursday.

So will Carter be tickling the ivories in the nude? Of course! he told us, adding that he is surprisingly comfortable letting it all hang out considering that he has an eating disorder.

I actually suffer from body dysmorphia so its kind of ironic that Im comfortable doing that when I suffer from it, he explained.

The I Want Candy performer says he has more adult cam shows planned but wants to keep it classy. Its where Im at. I dont plan on doing sex tapes. Unless its like in the $3 million range, something like that. Im a singer, not an adult star.

Carter will be appearing on CamSoda Friday at 11 p.m.

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