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Like, I suspect, a good number of you, I spent last weekend rushing through season 3 of Stranger Things to make sure nothing was spoiled when I went online. It was a great season  the show did an admirable job balancing three-ish separate but related plot lines, and I loved how much wackiness it was able to bring to the series while still being able to slip into much more serious modes when it needed to. Seriously, we need the Steve and Robin spinoff ASAP.

But Stranger Things is also one of those shows that makes me question whether Netflixs release everything at once strategy is really the best way to go. We could still be talking about episode 1 right now, analyzing where the series is going and what its exploring while our attachments to the characters grow. This is a big part of fandom and criticism in 2019, and Netflix shows... kind of just blip in and out instead of fostering conversation.

Its too bad. It means we all have to rush through a show and that most of us think about Stranger Things for all of a week each year, despite just how good it is. Now that Netflix is so well established (same with Stranger Things), I dont know that it needs to use the all-at-once gimmick for everything to get peoples attention. I guess its no different than how films work  you rush out to see them and join the conversation, or you wait till later and hope you dont get spoiled  but Im not sure its always the best choice.

Check out nine trailers from this week below.


Disney is just jamming through remakes of its classics, and its already starting to tease Mulan, which doesnt arrive until next spring. What we can see so far makes the film look like a medieval epic that puts a much more serious face on the story  no singing, no Mushu  than the animated version.

Maleficent: Mistress of Evil

Disney put out a new trailer for the Maleficent sequel that actually gives an idea of what the film is about. It puts Angelina Jolie and Elle Fannings characters at odds again; originally, it was because Jolies Maleficent wanted to kill Fannings Aurora, but this time its because Maleficent loves her too much. It comes out October 18th.

Another Life

Without question, the pitch for this show was Wouldnt it be a good idea to put Battlestar Galactica favorite Katee Sackhoff back in space again? And you know, the answer obviously was yes. The new sci-fi series comes to Netflix on July 25th.


Jawline looks like the documentary version of Eighth Grade. Its about a teenage boy trying to be a social media star and the personal challenges he faces behind the scenes. My colleague Adi Robertson reviewed it at Sundance, writing that the film works as a dissection of modern digital celebrity. The film comes to Hulu on August 23rd.

A Black Lady Sketch Show

HBO has a new sketch comedy show coming up that has a long list of hilarious guest stars and a focus thatll allow the series to explore parts of culture that have traditionally been overlooked on TV. It starts August 2nd.


HBO put out a full trailer for season 2 of Succession, which shows the Roy family plotting, fighting, and bumbling their way to media dominance. The new season starts August 11th.

The Great Hack

Netflix has a new documentary coming up that seems to give a high-level and high-drama overview of all the data sharing thats been happening on the web in recent years, with a particular focus on Facebook and Cambridge Analytica. The film is sometimes fascinating and surprisingly credulous, my colleague wrote after seeing the documentary at Sundance. It comes out July 24th.


This all looks a little strange and low-budget, but reviews for Freaks have been great. Maybe dont watch too much of the trailer, though  my colleague Tasha Robinson says its best to go in knowing nothing.


Normally I dont include trailers that arent meant for the US, but this ones worth it. Just know its not made by Disney.

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