New trailers: Tenet, Space Force, Da 5 Bloods, and more  05/23/2020 14:00:00   Jacob Kastrenakes
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I forgot to write about Westworld after its third season wrapped up the other week. In a lot of ways, I enjoyed the third season more than the earlier ones  it was far more coherent, it built out some cool sci-fi worlds, and Aaron Paul was a great addition to the cast.

But the season also left behind what was, arguably, the thing that made Westworld tick: overly complicated and gimmicky narrative tricks that leave the viewer perpetually trying to make sense of what theyre watching.

The best part of Westworlds first two seasons wasnt even watching the show, it was talking about it later and trying to decipher the twists it was trying to pull off. In a lot of ways, yes, it was very gimmicky, but it was also fun. Westworld season 3 was stronger as a narrative for forgoing that, but it meant we were left with just the chaos that is Westworlds actual plot.

Check out nine trailers from this week below.


Heres the latest trailer for Christopher Nolans Tenet, a movie that he insists will debut in theaters. It looks good  it seems mysterious, action packed, and filled with dudes in suits just like any good Nolan film. As for when well be able to see it? Theoretically July 17th, and theoretically in theaters.

Da 5 Bloods

Spike Lees latest film puts a twist on the war movie: its about four vets who return to Vietnam and begin to confront the horrors that occurred while they were there. It comes to Netflix on June 12th.

Space Force

For a series that rapidly came together after a ridiculous presidential announcement, Space Force seems to have turned into something pretty funny. The latest trailer gives a look at even more of the stars taking part in Steve Carells new comedy. It comes to Netflix on May 29th.


Theres another trippy and mysterious trailer out for Antebellum, which has Janelle Mone starring as a woman who seems to slip through time between modern day and the era of American slavery. After being delayed by the pandemic, its now scheduled to come out on August 21st.

The Old Guard

Netflix has a ludicrous-looking new action film coming up that stars Charlize Theron as the leader of a mercenary group that never dies. Choice dialogue: Just because we keep living doesnt mean we stop hurting. It comes out July 10th.

One Man and His Shoes

Hot on the heels of The Last Dance, Vice is putting out a documentary specifically focused on the Air Jordans and how they became so popular. It airs May 25th on Vice TV.

John Lewis: Good Trouble

Director Dawn Porter has assembled an all-star cast of politicians  AOC, Stacey Abrams, and Ayanna Pressley, among others  to talk about the legacy of Representative John Lewis, a civil rights leader who came into elected office after marching alongside Martin Luther King Jr. in the 60s. It comes out July 3rd.

The Wanting Mare

The Wanting Mare takes place in a gritty, dreamy fantasy city from which residents seem to be ready to escape. Im not entirely sure whats going on, but the immediate reason to check it out seems to be this: the film is executive produced by Shane Carruth, the director of Primer. The film was also, according to the press release, almost entirely shot inside a storage unit and is basically composed of a ton of VFX shots. The movie is premiering at a festival this weekend, so theres no wide release date yet.


The idea behind Infamous seems to be roughly: what if Bonnie and Clyde had social media? And I hate to say that... it might be a good idea. It comes out June 12th.

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